ATTENTION! The content of this article is more than three months old and may not be relevant to the current version of the game

Changelog 1.08 Updates & Hotfixes

1.08.1 – Hotfix 138962 – [31OCT2017]

  • Potential fix for war not ending

1.08.1 – Hotfix 138576 – [24OCT2017]

  • Potential fix for the OutOfMem crashes

1.08.1 – Hotfix 138576 – [19OCT2017]

  • Back-end additions for more data collection
  • Fixed war missions not correctly ending when planes had to retreat

1.08.1 – Hotfix 138489 – [17OCT2017]

  • Added catch for outOfMemory Exception, to help get more info from crashes.
  • Added extra logging to hunt down the war end bug

1.08.1 – Weapon Tweaks – [11OCT2017]

  • MG 42 slightly easier to control and additionally so when crouched
  • M1/M2 Easier to control
  • Johnson slightly decreased precision mode performance and increased ranged damage
  • Fixed issue with war ending because of endless retries trying to fetch evicted data

Hotfix 137696 – [26SEP2017]

  • Fixed client not loading correct window size from cookie
  • Fixed an issue with stuck UI icons

Hotfix 138116 – [04OCT2017]

  • Fixed Assault Teams not moving

Hotfix 137602 – [21SEP2017]

  • Updated Leaderboard “weapons/Rifle Kills” to also include Stg44
  • Updated Leaderboard “weapons/Rifle Kills – Long Range” to also include Stg44 and exclude PTRD
    • Thanks to the players who told us this!
  • Moved 1-year anniversary bundle to the top of bundle list
  • Added missing charactertemplateid to the veteran annivesary bundle
  • Fixes related to war end from the action game
  • Fixed an issue where wars ending after a mission would fail to start a new war
  • Expired all messages (in game only, NOT forum) are now deleted from player
  • Added script to delete mail messages (in game only, NOT forum) older than 6 months on deploy

Hotfix 137406 – [19SEP2017]

  • Removed Berlin as starting Capital for the German faction
  • Added Belgrade as starting Capital (next to Rome) for the German faction
  • Fixed an action server crash issue
  • Aligned the Messerschmitt BF 109D-1 re-supply timer with the other single bomb planes
  • Updated the Soldier Filter with new design and text
  • Implemented a fix to reduce stuttering experienced by players in Action Games

Hotfix 137229 – [14SEP2017]

  • Reverted to old ACES tonemapping algorithm, fixing the graphics issues some players have noticed, where it looked like some textures were of low quality
  • Fixed issue with resources in the Action game being overwritten when Assault Team reinforcements arrive

Ingame Message System [13SEP2017]

  • To speed up and clean up ingame messaging system the following changes are added
    • Threads will be deleted after 6 months of inactivity.
    • A cap is added to the total number of replies in a thread. Number will be high enough to not bother 95% of players.

Changelog 1.08

Weapons & Vehicles

  • Added a new German Medium Fighter:
    • Messerschmitt Bf 109D-1
    • Available at Dogfight ribbon grade 5
  • Added a new Soviet Union Medium Fighter:
    • Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-3
    • Available at Dogfight ribbon grade 5
  • Added a new United States Medium Fighter
    • Seversky P-35A
    • Available at Dogfight ribbon grade 5
  • Slightly buffed P-40 Warhawks vehicle versus vehicle damage
  • Tweaked the P-40 Warhawk so it no longer nose-dives when landing
  • Fixed a collision issue with side mounted rear guns of the Messerschmitt ME 410
  • Fixed a visual gap in the model of the Messerschmitt ME 410
  • Fixed rudder wings of the P38 Lightning not having collider for vehicles and soldiers
  • Fixed the Bf 109E-4 not bouncing grenades off the cockpit glass
  • Fixed missing shot collision on parts of the engines and the landing gear of the german paratrooper plane
  • Improved ground handling of all planes
  • Updated the enter boxes of planes to make them more consistent
  • Cleaned up smoke particle systems for all planes to improve FPS performance
  • Fixed a collision issue on multiple planes that allowed players to clip through the hull and kill the pilot from underneath when the plane was grounded
  • Fixed propeller of a plane being shown at a distant location too
  • Moved Tier-2 Medium Fighters to unlock at Dogfight ribbon grade 7 now that there is Tier-1 Medium Fighters
  • Increased prices of Tier-2 Medium Fighters now that there is Tier-1 Medium Fighters


  • Unified sound levels for all planes
    • Messerschmitt Bf109-E4
      • Adjusted volume on MG17 nose gun and fixed pan and volume relation when moving between 1st and 3rd person view (volume stays consistent and shot sound stereo image narrows or widens according to camera view)
      • Adjusted volume on MGFF wing cannons and fixed pan and volume relation when moving between 1st and 3rd person view
      • Adjusted volume on engine start
    • Adjusted dynamics and volume on engine start for:
      • Henschel HS 126 B-1
      • Curtiss P-40N Warhawk
      • P-38 Lightning
      • Douglas C-47A Skytrain
      • Polikarpov R-Z
      • Yakovlev Yak-9b
    • All Recon plane engines and nose guns:
      • Fixed pan and volume relation when moving between 1st and 3rd person view (volume stays consistent and shot sound stereo image narrows or widens according to camera view)
      • Adjusted engine volume transition speed when switching between 1st and 3rd person view (engine mix changes more smoothly in relation to camera speed)
    • Lowered volume of landing gear on all planes
    • Added Vehicle Impact Audio
      • An impact sound is played when a vehicle collides with another vehicle or the environment
      • If the impact damages a vehicle, then a ‘squeaky metal buckling’ sound will be played
      • If the soldier is killed by a vehicle impact a ‘bone breaking thump’ will be played. This sound also occurs when a soldier is inside a vehicle that is destroyed by the impact
      • The sound selection prioritizes soldiers killed by vehicle impact over the damage impact
      • Adjusted sounds for the United States M1 Garand Semi-Automatic rifle
        • New shot sound (More distinguishable between G43 and SVT40 both near and distant)
        • New Enbloc Clip eject ping
        • Updated mechanics mix when shooting
      • Adjusted sounds for the Soviet Union Tokarev SVT-40 Semi-Automatic Rifle
        • Remixed shot sound (More distinguishable between Garand and G43 both near and distant)


  • Re-introduced brand new leaderboards
  • It can be found HERE
  • Introduced various leaderboards containing statistics from the past 30 days:
    • Overall Leaderboard
      • Score
      • Kills
      • Headshots
    • Support Leaderboard
      • Savior Kills
      • Mobile Deploys
      • Supply Specialist – Health
      • Supply Specialist – Ammunition
      • Supply Specialist – Panzerfaust
      • Hitpoints healed
      • Vehicle repairs
    • Tactical Leaderboard
      • Control Points Captured
      • Squad Order – Squad Leader
      • Squad Order – Squad Member
      • Assaults Won (Attacker)
      • Assaults Won (Defender)
      • Skirmish Battles Won
      • Encounter Maps Won
      • Parachute Jumps
    • Weapons Leaderboard
      • Rifle Kills – Long Range
      • Melee Kills
      • Pistol Kills
      • SMG Kills
      • Rifle Kills
      • LMG Kills
      • Grenade Kills
    • Vehicles Leaderboard
      • Light Tanks Destroyed
      • Medium Tanks Destroyed
      • Heavy Tanks Destroyed
      • Tank Destroyers Destroyed
      • Dogfight Kills
    • Assault Teams
      • Battles Won (Assault Team)
      • Battle Participation (Assault Team)
  • Added the possibility to search for gamertags
  • Leaderboard will refresh approximately every 60 minutes

General Action Game changes

  • Fixed that task list is shown on the HUD for other classes than infantry (we have only infantry tasks so far)
  • Fixed action game crash when using a soldier name that contains chinese, korean, vietnamese or japanese logographic letters
  • Fixed mines that are attached to despawning vehicles appearing at 0,0,0 coordinate on the map with according mine icon
  • Fixed walls of small garage at D3 on Forward Airfield turning invisible at 100m
  • Fixed walls of the Garage Building type so they won’t turn invisible so fast anymore


  • Clicking bundle content now opens preview of the item
  • WarServer refactor: Implemented completely new war server framework
    • The warserver framework refactor is an update to the codebase that makes up the backend of the game. Everything that runs on the backend will eventually use this framework, including the strategy game.
      The strategy game however has not yet been ported to the framework, and it will take a while before it is. When moving it, the strategy game code will be cleaned up and large parts rewritten to reduce code complexity and help debugging in the future.
      There are a number of different reasons we created a new framework, but the most important are performance and removal of some old systems that were error prone.
    • Fixed an unexpected tooltip text when hovering the mouse over equipment points of an equipped item on the soldier screen
    • Fixed a crash of hngservice on rare hardware configurations when the flash-client was closed after playing at least one actiongame mission