ATTENTION! The content of this article is more than three months old and may not be relevant to the current version of the game

Seversky P-35A

The P-35 is the first all-metal fighter featuring a retractable landing gear adopted by the U.S. The P-35A is armed with two .50 caliber machine guns above the engine and backed up by two wing mounted .30 caliber guns.

How do I get one?

In the ‘1.08 – Planes & Ladders’ update this wonderful vehicle will become a part of the ever-expanding arsenal for the US faction! The P-35A unlocks at the Dog Fight Ribbon grade 5, where the Warhawk used to be. The Warhawk is moved to grade 7.

Isn’t it very difficult to fly planes?

In the 1.03 – Wings of War update earlier this year, we introduced two new flight control modes as well as two additional throttle controls making it much easier to get started flying. Take a look at this news-post and video to see more about the new flight controls.

Historical Facts

The P-35A was introduced in 1937 and was designed by the Russian aviation pioneer Alexander P. de Seversky. A total of 196 was produced. It broke the speed record in the thirties – the pilot breaking the record was the inventor Alexander P. de Seversky.