You are already devoted to the game and know every bit of it? Now we think it is time that you get to know the team a little better. So every once in a while we will introduce you to one of the people behind Heroes & Generals.

What’s the story of the tag?

My favorite movie of all time is Back to the Future – It was the first science fiction movie I ever saw in the theater, and the one movie I have watched more than any other. To this day I still laugh, root and get excited when watching it.

What is your position and what does that mean?

PR Manager. It is basically my job to get Heroes & Generals into the media which entails working with communication strategy, writing texts for both press releases, blogposts, social media and keeping in touch with journalists from all over the world

What was the best thing to work on so far?

Launching Heroes & Generals was a major achievement for everyone at Reto-Moto, and it was very satisfying seeing all the pieces of our launch campaign come together. The Friendly Players get More Game campaign was interesting to do, and going to Gamescom this year to demo the upcomming Tank vs Tank game mode to journalist was fun. Especially meeting the fans and handing out voucher.

What are you excited about in the future?

It might sound a bit cliché when we talk about launching being only the beginning – but it is really true. There is so much stuff for Heroes & Generals being planned, and to me it is exciting to plan all the stories we get to tell about the game in the years to come.

What did you do before Reto?

I have been writing about games professionally for almost 20 years – making my living as a journalist specializing in IT, technology, gadgets, toys, comics, movies and all the fun stuff. As well as doing graphic design on magazines and comic books.

What is the best thing about working at Reto?

There is a real passion for Heroes & Generals among everyone that works here – the game really is a labor of love. That is the best thing as well as the cool people and team work.

What is your favourite thing about H&G?

The bicycle. I actually did a feature on Heroes & Generals several years before starting working here, and the bicycle was central to that story.


What are your hobbies?

My job and hobbies are kind of the same thing. I have a huge comic book collection, and have been publishing magazines and writing about comics since I was 16 years old. I also run a website about toys.

Favourite Games/Games that inspired you to have a career in games?

I knew I wanted to write about games when playing Duke Nukem 3D and Diablo – they were cool games, that I wanted to tell people about.

What are your favourite films, books, music?

I consume a lot of television series (too many for it to be healthy), but my favorite is Firefly, cause you can’t take the sky from me. As for music I listen to all sorts of stuff but always defaults back to Nine Inch Nails.

Random Fun Fact about you

I have scientifically proven that Winds of Change by Scorpions is a really bad piece of music. True fact!