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When we decided to organize a writing contest, we had never expected to receive 120 (!) stories. A huge thanks and respect goes out to all contributors!

Reading and judging all of the contributions has been quite a time consuming task, but with great pride we are finally able to reveal our top 3 picks. The winning story was to be awarded by a 2000 gold price, as well as the care package the video winners also received. However, due to the overwhelming amount of submissions and the high quality, we have decided that both the second and third place in this contest also receives a voucher of 1000 gold!

The winning story can be found further down in this blogpost and the 2nd and 3rd place are linked below:

3rd place: B3NN1B01 – ‘A Final Resting Place’
2nd place: Janston – ‘The Sound’

And we also encourage all the other contributors to post their stories in this forum-topic, so everybody can read them.

The right choice

By Derpy_Dog

A long time ago, an American tanker named Donald Winter was driving a M5A1 Stuart. He found himself in a battle near a small town in southern France. His tank was positioned so that only the turret was visible to his enemies and the sun to his rear. He had done this because German tanks were rumoured to be in this area. There was M2A2 next to him which was firing at a house in the distance at a steady pace. Boom… Boom… Boom… Boom… He was ordered to conceal himself and only to fire at direct threats.

As he sat there, just waiting and watching, he thought about the people he had left at home. What were they doing now? Had his mother recovered from the flu? Would he be able to return to them when this war was over? Would they talk to him the same way they used to? Would they still like him? Why did he even enlist when he could be at home right now like the rest of them? On moments like these Donald found himself thinking about them too much for his liking.

The M2A2 got hit by something big. Donald popped his head out of the hatch in a hurry to look where the incoming fire was coming from. To the north east was a dark forest. Maybe the enemy was in there. Was it alone?

The M2A2 got hit again but it just kept firing at the house like it had not noticed the incoming fire. “I am alone in this fight, ” he thought to himself. “Where is that bastard”. His teammate had now started desperately firing his machine gun at the forest as if it would make a difference. “Come on, show yourself,” Donald said to himself. Then he suddenly saw a reflection. Underneath a tree there was a green panzer hiding with a cannon pointed toward his teammate.

Wasting no time he took aim at the green enemy. He fired the cannon and hit the German panzer, but instantly regretted it as he noticed that he had fired a high explosive shell. He saw a muzzle flash and heard his teammate getting hit again. He thought about his teammate During the reload process, was he able to save him?
Luckily the cannon was loaded and he fired at the attacker. This time it seemed damage the opponent.

His teammate must have got hit again. He heard a series of smaller explosions and realised the M2A2 was no longer in this fight. The green enemy would try to destroy him now.
For a moment, time stopped and he realised how different his life would be now is he had not enlisted. He should have finished school like the rest of his siblings. Why were they fighting in the first place? Donald did not even know who he was trying to kill.
He was pulled back in reality as he heard that his cannon was reloaded, so he fired but the round missed.

If only he had been paying more attention to what he was doing! The German tank was pointing its cannon at him now which made him feel even more scared. Donald wanted to hug his mother and hide in her protective arms like he did when he was young. A green tracer came toward him and he knew his tank was about to get hit. Boom! The shell hit the turret. Some small sparks flew past Donald’s arm. He had been hit, would he ever see his friends again?
Luckily no important parts seemed to be damaged.

He pointed his sights at the hull of the enemy and shot. Donald had hit his opponent which made big clouds of smoke come out of the vehicle.
The German tanker must have realised that his tank was badly damaged because he drove behind a big rock.

His heartbeat returned to a normal pace as Donald noticed that the threat was gone. Donald stuck his head out of the hatch to inhale the fresh air. He then got out to inspect the damage to his tank and try to help his mates in the M2A2.
He realised the M2A2 crew was safe as he saw that all hatches were opened. They must have gotten out.

He inspected the damage to his tank. How would he explain this to command? One German tank took out one of theirs and just drove off? They would eat him alive.

Donald saw similar clouds in the forest. The smoking tank must have returned to his previous position. Without hesitation he jumped back in his trusty Stuart and zoomed in. Donald knew that one shot was all he needed. He aimed at the smoking enemy and heard a big explosion as he unleashed an 37 millimetre projectile. A smirk formed on his face as he saw the green tank burst out in orange and red flames.
Would the Germans crew be able to get out? Were there more of them?
Had this made him a hero?
One thing was certain.

Enlisting had been the right choice.