ATTENTION! The content of this article is more than three months old and may not be relevant to the current version of the game

Back in june we challenged you to tell us your war stories either as a video or in the form of a short story. We received 18 videos and a whopping 120 written stories!

With that many submissions it takes some time to judge all of them. Because of that we have decided to announce the winners of the video challenge today and the winner of the short story challenge next week.

The idea behind the video challenge was simple. Create a video that is set in the world of Heroes & Generals and add a story to it. It can be a heroic story about how you defeated your enemies single handed, a sad story about how you lost your friends in the fields of combat, or any other story that fits our game.

The quality of the videos we received could not be higher and it was difficult to decide which were the absolute best.

First place:

In first place we have TheCobraLP! – you can watch his war story above.

General Oscar Bradley has been spotted near Aachen.
TheCobraLP has a simple mission, move into the Church tower of Aachen and take the shot! But as usual simple missions never go according to plan.

We truly loved this story set up by TheCobraLP and his friends. They clearly put a lot of time into this video and he is without a doubt the winner of this challenge.


Second place:

In second place we have BurnoutDV, sharing an emotional story with us.

He has lost many of his comrades in war, some died in combat, others wounded and send home. There were those who deserted and those who went insane, never returning to who they once were. What is in the past must not be forgotten, but hope lies in front of us all. 

With a sad, but also hopeful story, BurnoutDV has earned the second spot in this challenge.


Third place:

In third place we have crysis141516. In his video, it’s all about one question: Why do we fight wars? 

When all war does is kill and destroy. When the mothers of young boys weep, when their wives become widow at a young age, when children lose their father so young they have no memories of them as they grow up. Why do we fight wars? 

An important question no one can truly answer, but a question that deserved him the third spot in our challenge.


We would like to also credit Wehrmacht1941 and LuKreuzer for taking the 4th and 5th spot. Two great videos as well, that almost grabbed a prize. Their videos can be found by pressing the links just above.


What did they win?

In this challenge we gave away some of the biggest prizes yet, the winners have received:

1st place video: 6000 gold!
2nd place video: 4000 gold!
3rd place video: 2000 gold!

In addition all three winners will be getting an exclusive care bag including:

  • 1 x Heroes & Generals special edition Medic Bag
  • 1 x Heroes & Generals T-shirt
  • 1 x Heroes & Generals Hoodie
  • 1 x Heroes & Generals Lanyard
  • 1 x Heroes & Generals real life Combat Medic Badge

Of course we will be back with the final winner of the short story challenge next week, who will also receive the care bag above as well as 2000 gold for the best written war story.


The next RBS?

We will not announce a new RBS challenge just yet, the concept we have been using in the past has not worked the way we wanted it to work. We are going to take a good look at previous challenges and will hopefully come up with a better way to do these challenges in the future.