ATTENTION! The content of this article is more than three months old and may not be relevant to the current version of the game

Heroes & Generals once again gives you the opportunity to invest your gold in the war by buying three new warbonds – a great and easy way to earn more gold.

During World War 2 warbonds was an important part of how for example the United States financed its war efforts – a way for civilians to “do their patriotic duty” by lending the government part of their wages to buy supplies for the war.

And just as tanks, armored vehicles and weapons inspired by World War 2 are an integral part of Heroes & Generals, so are warbonds.

In the simplest terms a bond is basically a loan, where the bond issuer (in this case, Heroes & Generals) borrows money from the bond holder (in this case, the player). However, it is not free to borrow money, so the bond issuer pay a price for the loan.

This is what you need to know about warbonds

We have just released three new Warbonds for Heroes & Generals. When you have a look at them in the store, you will see that they all use the same basic principles for bonds. Below is an explanation of the different terms.

  • Face value: This is how much gold the warbond is actually worth – the amount of gold that we will pay you back when the bond expires.
  • Interest: This is the percentage of the Face value in gold that you will get once each month until the bond expires.
  • Price: This is the price you actually pay for the warbond – the amount of gold you invest. The price of a warbond might be higher or lower than its Face value. In real life this would reflect the amount of risk involved for the investor. However, in Heroes & Generals it is simply a nod to real life bonds – there is no risk for you.
  • Valid for: A warbond in Heroes & Generals is valid for six month. You will receive an interest for six months, and when the bond expires we buy it back from you for its face value.
  • Bonds left in series: warbonds are released in limited runs. There are only a fixed amount of a specific warbond available – when a series is sold out a new series of warbonds with different values might become available.
  • Investment value: This is the amount of gold you will have earned by the time the warbond expires – the profit you will make of your investment.


What actually happens when you invest in a warbond

The mechanics of warbonds might at first seem a bit complicated or abstract, but it really is not. Lets take a look at new 4 percent warbond to see what actually happens, when you invest 1,000 gold.

  • Your initial investment (price): 1150 gold
  • You will get a monthly interest of 4 percent of the warbonds face value for six month, totaling: 240 gold (1000 x 0,04 x 6)
  • When six month have gone by, we will buy back the warbond for its face value: 1000 gold
  • Your total profit will be: 90 gold (1000 + 240 – 1150)

We added the three new warbonds as part of todays Update 1.07.1. To see what else was included in this update take a look at the changelog.