Behind every soldier in Heroes & Generals is a dedicated gamer – and we want for you to get to know each other a little better. That is why we invite players to tell a bit about themselves and their experiences on the frontline.
Fellow members of the community describes BurnoutDV as a “bad ass player,” an inspiration to other soldiers, and great at doing videos on his Youtube channel.


What is the story behind your player name?

I was in the German army after school. I got the medical condition of a “boreout” while working in helicopter maintenance. I was literally bored to depression because I had nothing to do all day. Later I needed a nickname for a browser game called “Die Verdammten”, “Boreout” sounded boring so i choose the opposite. A bit later i created a Youtube channel and Burnout was of course already taken. So i ended up with “BurnoutDV”


When did you first start playing Heroes & Generals?

I played Heroes & Generals shortly back in 2013/14 I think. Friends made me aware of the game and we played together for a bit, but my interests shifted. I picked up the game again a year later.


What is your most memorable moment in Heroes & Generals?

When I started playing again, my friends was with a clan called Regiment 42 The second night I played with them, the then clan leader S4vi0n coordinated a clan battle against an american clan (I think it was the Devils Brigade with IdleeCleese as opposing leader).
S4vi0n coordinated everything. He did a mission briefing at the beginning of the match when the timer counted down. It went like this: “Biomacht does the defense, take three guys, Hackelschorsch does the Attack, he takes five guys, I will bring the APC in the Town,” and so on. High degree of organisation. This briefing made me want to acquire more loadouts and diversify my roster, so I could fit in.


How many soldiers do you have, and what are your favorite loadouts?

19 Soldiers, one General on the German side, additional seven soldiers on the US side and one lonely Russian comrade.
My favorite soldier “Ken Guru” wields an custom made “StG44 – Kangaroo”, a pouch of three Panzerwurfmines called “Dropbear” and a First Aid Kit – sometimes a Knife with the name “Wombat” engraved in it. I use Heavy Set- and Fast Reload Combat Badges.
He provides a lot power when storming enemy positions and can also engage on mid-range targets. The Panzerwurfmines provide support against enemy APCs or sometimes light tanks that park on capture points. The First Aid Kit further increases his lifespan.


What do you do when not playing Heroes & Generals?

I just graduated as a Master of Science in Engineering and currently looking for a job. When I don’t do that I make photos with my DSLR or learn languages (currently Swedish).


What are your favorite films, books and music?

Snatch. Everything Discworld by Sir Terry Pratchett. And a wild mix of Sabaton, Powerwolf, Knorkator, Johnny Cash, In Extremo, and Subway to Sally – my music taste is awful, I know.


Random fun fact about you?

I try really hard to convince people that DV stands for Digital Video – I failed again.

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