ATTENTION! The content of this article is more than three months old and may not be relevant to the current version of the game

Five years ago today we premiered the Heroes & Generals ‘Come Out to Play’ trailer that you can see above.
Now it might seem odd that we spend time on an ‘old’ trailer, but it is actually a trailer that we are still very proud of. The splicing of live action and in-game sequences together lends it a unique look and feel that fits well with Heroes & Generals.

Freezing in the mud

The indoor scenes were shot in the basement below Reto-Motos old office, while the outdoor shooting took place during the winter in ‘Dyrehaven’ (Danish for ‘The Deer Park’) just outside Copenhagen.
“It was way colder than we had expected, and it was muddy. Our CEO’s son was supposed to show up, but he bailed because it was too cold,” Reto.Robotron3000 recalls:
One of the great shots in the trailer is of Reto.Robotron3000 acting as an AA-gun. An idea that took form while shooting.
“We had to figure out how to convey a tank, a 4×4, or bicycle without the use of props – casting me as an AA-gun was born out of necessity. We had talked about using toy guns, but it worked a lot better without. It was more fun, more surreal. Just have a look at the shot of Reto.KenSolo riding a bike without using an actual bike.”

Super low tech shoot

The trailer was directed by Reto-Moto’s Lead-Animator Reto.Colding, who remembers the shoot as super low tech: “The outdoor scenes was shot with just a Canon DSLR Crop camera with a shoulder rig and various lenses, and no extra lights apart from the sun – it really was made with what was available.”
However, a bit extra was required for the indoor shots in the basement. Apart from bringing in a few lights, the Trailer Cinematographer Jesper Colding-Jørgensen (the twin brother of Reto.Colding) build his own custom dolly using pieces from IKEA.
“Looking at the trailer now the graphics looks a bit dated, but the editing and storytelling still holds up I think. It was very well received back then, and the reason the trailer still works today is that is has a great sense of humor. It is not pretentious in any way .”

No resources available for a trailer

One of the reason the ‘Come Out to Play’ trailer was done the way it it was had to do with resources. Reto-Moto simply could not afford to do an expensive CGI-trailer explains Reto.KenSolo:
“We had to get creative and work with what was available. The upside was that It gave us an opportunity to show the interaction between developers and community. Show that the community was along for the journey and an important part of the game.Show real people.”

A trailer for the community

When shooting the the indoor scenes Reto-Moto rallied nine community members to take part. Among them a talented programmer and big fan of the game.
“I had just had a job interview at Reto-Moto the week before and was waiting to hear back if I got the job or not when the scenes in the basement was shot. I had signed up to do the trailer like any member of the community could,” tells Reto.Vashu.
He saw being part of the trailer as a chance to play around, have fun, eat some pizza with the game developers and just have an enjoyable day. Shortly after he was hired as a game programmer.
“To me the ‘Come Out to Play’ trailer is the best one we have ever done. It captures Heroes & Generals combination of strategy and action, and more importantly – it is not too serious!”