ATTENTION! The content of this article is more than three months old and may not be relevant to the current version of the game

Have you ever found yourself in a tight spot where just one more handgun would make all the difference. The enemy has you cornered, your rifle is out of ammo, and just at the last minute you pull a hidden pistol from your pocket to make that all important headshot?
With the release of the Update 1.07 ‘Care Package’ we are not only adding new pistols to Heroes & Generals, we have also put together a lot of bits and pieces that makes for a better gameplay experience and help pave the way for future updates.

New pistols for all soldiers

We are introducing three new pistols useable by all soldiers:

The new pistols unlock early in the game benefitting rookie players. However, veteran players will find that the 1 equipment point cost of these pistols also makes them fit very nicely with a full loadout.

All new Sound Occlusion system

The term Sound Occlusion might sound both technical and complicated – what is does however, is pretty straight forward.
If you are behind obstacles in the game, the sound from weapons and vehicles that you cannot see will now be muffled. So when an enemy fires a gun at you, you will know if you are in cover or not.

First Aid Kits visualizations

You now get a heads up when a team mates is using a First Aid Kit to heal you.
You will see a green Medic-icon with the name of the player attempting to heal you just above your health bar in the lower left corner of the screen.

Casings ejecting looks more realistic

When you enter the game and start shooting you might notice that casings ejecting from weapons now looks more realistic.
We have revamped the casing and eject system to look more authentic with more speed and spin on the casing giving an energetic and powerful feel when pulling the trigger. These changes will also make it easier for us to add new weapons in the future.

Duck while driving

You are now able to take cover while driving any of the four recon vehicles, just like any other vehicle, by using ‘ctrl’ (default key).
Previously this was only possible in the BA-6, but the feature has been added to the SdKfz 222, BA-64B and M8 Greyhound.

Get the new Care Bundle in the store now!

As part of the update 1.07 ‘Care Package’ we have put together a brand new Care Bundle containing one of the new handguns, one First Aid Kit, one wrench, three Ribbon Boosters and a one day Veteran Membership.

Other Changes

Here is a list of some additional features in the Update 1.07 ‘Care Package’.

  • Improved running and sprint animations
  • You can perform melee attacks while sprinting without slowing down
  • Updated Anti-Cheat

…and much more

For a more detailed view take a look at the changelog.

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