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Before we talk about the upcoming RBS challenge, we want to share the winning videos! Our last challenge was all about the Recon soldiers. Kicking off the list this time is the FAIL category. Lileikiss shows us that fighting 1vs1 is not his biggest strength. Want to see what the result is when he tries it anyway? Check the video above!

Next up we have iAmTheFlyingCow, who has made a video about himself and his trusted scoped rifle in this EPIC video. Want to see some awesome kills? Then you definitely want to see his video!


I’m so glad I finally got a scope on my rifle! Now I can finally hit something. Is what PewPewSkittles would never say! Watch his FUNNY video in which most of his shots do not land where he wants them to. Unless he stops using his scope that is!

Reto Broadcasting Society

In the RBS challenges we want you to share your best video footage with us! So if you have any footage you really want to share with the rest of the community this is your chance! In these challenges we will even reward you with gold for the best videos!

The rules are simple, create a video lasting three minutes or less about the subject below. Do you want to see how you can participate?

RBS challenge 20 – Unknown?

Number 20, that is quite the number is it not? That asks for celebration! The next challenge will be different from anything we have ever done before within the RBS challenges! And the prizes? Ooh the prizes! I’m afraid we cannot say too much about it yet though. As RBS number 20 will not be announced in this news update. Don’t be afraid though, new information will be added very soon. So stay tuned!