ATTENTION! The content of this article is more than three months old and may not be relevant to the current version of the game


Hotfix 131886 – [03MAY17]

  • Fixed issue with 4th equipment slot being difficult to place items into.
  • Fixed Message of the day going out of frame
  • Increased chat size from 640 to 700
  • Moved debug info about current build-version to old location
  • Changed the description text for if game is started with wrong parameters

Hotfix 131557 – [25APR17]

  • Added new layout for war battle details, no tabs and being able to see resources on AP’s.
  • Added toggle for hiding the mini chat.
  • Fixed UI drag / drop issues.
  • Fixed some chat issues from chat toggle feature, where chat blocks buttons and other UI elements.
  • Fixed chat hotkeys interfering with writing ingame messages.
  • Fixed being able to matchmake with invalid vehicle filters, leading to long.
  • Fixed wrong matchmaking group after squad with higher matchmaking group players.
  • Underdog bonus for war missions is now only shown for war battles.
  • Fixed not being able to matchmake for war battles as vehicle using classes
  • Added a case to handle the issue when players launch the game incorrectly through the wrong executable.

1.06.1 – Known Issues

  • Chat window blocks equipment slot 4 (left side)
    • WORKAROUND: Place weapons/equipment/etc on the right side of slot 4.
      We’re working on a hotfix.

changelog 1.06.1

Release 20APR17

UI / First Time User Experience

  • Setting Changes:
    • Alt + Enter now toggles between 3 size modes:
      • Fullscreen
      • Maximized
      • Custom size
    • Settings window layout updated
    • Moved audio settings from settings popup to the global “dropdown menu” in top right corner
    • First Time User Experience skip button added to dropdown menu
  • Established an info area for matchmaking, filter info, squad status and war battle information
  • Functionality Changes:
    • Escape button now closes popup windows
    • Squad Disbanded is no longer a popup window, but is now displayed in the info area
    • Battle briefing is now part of the info area, size can be toggled on and off and last state will be remembered
    • Battle requirements for war battle moved to info area
    • Removed red X button in First Time User Experience
    • New design for scrollbars (no arrows anymore)
  • Matchmaking & Briefing Window changes
    • Players can now view detailed matchmaking info, while looking for a battle, the client remembers your selection
    • Added matchmaking population information
    • Battle briefing now contains weather information
    • New briefing window, directly in the matchmaking info
    • Map preview images have a new color scheme
    • Map preview “window” now has a white title, to be able to read it more easily
  • Chat Updates
    • Added mini-version of chat, present when full chat window is hidden
    • Updated chat look and layout, added shortcut keys
  • Resizing the client now follows an aspect ratio of 1.71 (1280 x 720 with some interpretation) also the application has a minimum size of 1024 x 599, to remove useless resizing to tiny window
  • Updated resizing mechanism for chat and updated minimum size requirements and behaviour for more reliable look
  • Fixed bugs and inconsistencies with chat and settings
  • Music now plays right when client opens, not after a particular download step
  • Fixed issue when logging in on veteran account, logging out and logging in to non-veteran account, where it would seem the non-veteran account was veteran, would lead to crashes in client
  • Updated H&G icons and images for installer
  • Resource matrix reskinned and now compacts higher numbers into decimal / kilos
  • Weather settings for staged battles no longer uses the following settings. Night, Foggy


Hotfix 131086 – [07APR17]

  • Fixed XP bug

Hotfix 131006 – [05APR17]

  • Fixed stats for First Aid Kits
  • Fixed crash on Action Servers



  • Introduced a task system in the action game to support tutorials
    • Two sets of combat tutorial tasks added
    • Two sets of tactical tutorial tasks added
    • These tasks aim to provide new players with a better first time experience and teach them the basics of the game
  • Tutorial Bots have been added to the game
    • Players without bronze matchmaking unlocked will team up with both human players and tutorial bots but only be matched against tutorial bots
    • Players with bronze matchmaking unlocked will only play with and against other human players


  • Bronze matchmaking unlock has been moved to Player Level 2
  • Other

  • Updated Anti-Cheat