ATTENTION! The content of this article is more than three months old and may not be relevant to the current version of the game


Hotfix 130552 – [28MAR17]

  • Fixed a GPU Memory Leak
  • Unlocalized “medic-related” strings now localized

Hotfix 130047 – [23MAR17]

  • Fixed missing Brasilian-Portuguese translations in the Action Game
  • Identified and fixed a Render Crash issue
  • Fixed weapons spawning on the Depot Encounter


Weapons & Vehicles

  • Added the First Aid Kit
    • Heals up to 80 Healthpoints per usage
    • Unlocks at Tactical Ribbon Grade 5
    • Uses 1 equipment point
  • Added the Medic Pouch
    • Holds three first aid kits
    • Unlocks at Medic Ribbon Grade 6
    • Uses 2 equipment points
  • Fixed propeller effect on Transport Planes
  • Fixed High Explosive shells from planes to work like armor HE, that is also damage friendly players


  • Made alterations to the Medium French Village (Town) map
    • A3A4 Deploy Zone moved slightly to get better angles of combat
    • D2 to D3 area, added extra cover for infantry, in particular coming from the D2D3 Deploy Zone
    • D3D4 Deploy zone moved to newly added house on the road from D3D4, this is to prevent a strong advantage for the Defenders when trying to flank D3 as attacker
    • D4 can no longer be captured from below the bridge
    • E2E3 Deploy zone moved more towards center of the line to decrease travel time. Trees were added as extra cover
    • Added an extra river crossing next to the E3E4 deploy zone to make it easier for attackers to cross the river again
    • We are aware and thankful of the feedback given about in particular the placement of the Deploy Zones on the Medium French Village map. We have been actively collecting this feedback and are looking into further improvements to the map, to facilitate better gameplay and improve the gameflow. Due to the compact structure of the town area it’s difficult to re-locate Deploy Zones to more suitable areas, as enough room needs to be made to supply enough deploy locations. Rest assured we are on top of it and hope to further increase the fun you experience on this map.
    • Ribbons & Combat Badges

      • Added 3 new Combat Badges for the Medics out there
        • Combat Medic
          • Bronze: Carry one extra First Aid Kit
          • Silver: Carry two extra First Aid Kits
          • Gold: Carry three extra First Aid Kits
        • First Aid
          • Bronze: Perform First Aid 20% faster
          • Silver: Perform First Aid 50% faster
          • Gold: Perform First Aid 100% faster
        • Hand of God
          • Bronze: Extends reach by 15%
          • Silver: Extends reach by 30%
          • Gold: Extends reach by 50%
      • Hoarder badge will now only affect one weapon of each supported type of weapon
      • Dynamite Lover will now only affect one weapon of each supported type of weapon
      • Tier 1 pistol unlock moved from Tactical ribbon grade 5 to Tactical ribbon grade 7


      • Drag & Drop warning timeout reduced from 3 seconds to 1 second
      • The vehicle category is now automatically selected when clicking on an empty vehicle slot