Behind every soldier in Heroes & Generals is a dedicated gamer – and we want for you to get to know each other a little better. That is why we invite players to tell a bit about themselves and their experiences on the frontline.
When we asked the community who they wanted to meet next, a lot of players pointed to AxeHeadSlam praising him for not only being a good player, but also for his devotion to the German faction and the amount of hours he puts into helping other players – both new and veteran


What is the story behind your player name?

Years ago, I played an MMORPG game where I carried a giant axe as my main weapon. The axe was incredibly inaccurate but was also capable of defeating others with a single blow. When the game introduced the option to rename your character, I decided I needed an idiotic name that matched my fancy axe. It also turns out my nickname makes for axellent pun material.


When did you first start playing Heroes & Generals?

Early 2014 is when I started actively playing the game. I gave the game a brief touch before that, after having seen footage of it on YouTube, but didn’t have the time to play it actively until 2014.


What is your most memorable moment in Heroes & Generals?

For me, the best thing about this game is the amazing passion that people have for it. The game inspires a comradery amongst its players, with so many players working towards the same goals. I have played many games, but I’ve never come across anything like it.
My most memorable moment is war 129. The US clans weren’t playing and in the middle of the night, we led an alliance of clans during a 90-minute blitzkrieg to German victory. We won another four wars on that same day.


How many soldiers do you have, and what are your favorite loadouts?

In total, I have 25 soldiers. My favorite loadout is a MP-40/Panzerschreck combination, with the Hoarder and Iron Fist badges. I mostly play a support role within my team and this setup allows you to destroy enemy APCs with just one rocket.


What do you do when not playing Heroes & Generals?

When I’m not playing, I’m sitting in the queue of course! Jokes aside, I’m currently studying for my master’s degree in learning theory. And of course I also spend a fair amount of time hammering out our strategic plans and, together with Pikrate, managing the Teamspeak server for the German faction, which you can find here:
Besides that, I give psychological consults, play guitar or working on some random project that ends up being a bottomless pit.


What are your favorite films, books and music?

A Song of Ice and Fire (or Game of Thrones for those who only watch the TV show) is probably my all-time favorite book and TV show.
Music-wise, I don’t really have a favorite genre, but I do have favorite artists. Erik Satie, Franz Schubert, Beethoven, Hans Zimmer, U2, Oasis, Massive Attack.


Random fun fact about you?

My friends have nicknamed me ‘loveable idiot’, partly because my curious nature often has me inexplicably end up in the weirdest situations.

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