You are already devoted to the game and know every bit of it? Now we think it is time that you get to know the team a little better. So every once in a while we will introduce you to one of the people behind Heroes & Generals.


What’s the story of the tag?

Reto.Hal9k is taken from the computer HAL 9000 from movie ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’.


What is your position and what does that mean?

I’m a programmer mainly focusing on our rendering pipeline, but I also maintain our Build and Deploy system for our servers. I also work on the War Server code, and I’m the Operations Manager (responsible for the live servers).


What was the best thing to work on so far?

Really hard to say I’ve worked on a lot of different things, but I really enjoy working with the graphics, trying to push the visuals while at the same time ensure it still works on low end graphics cards without giving a gameplay wise advantage to either low end or high end set ups.


What are you excited about in the future?

Everything 🙂


What did you do before Reto?

Prior to working here I was working at IO Interactive, where I worked on the games: Hitman, Hitman 2, Hitman 4, Freedom Fighters, Kane & Lynch and Hitman 5.


What is the best thing about working at Reto?

That we are a small team all working towards the same goal.


What is your favourite thing about H&G?

The game is not locked down in a box, so we can continue enhancing and tweaking it, in order to make the best possible game. This is somewhat different from before where I worked on boxed games where you got the feedback after you were done with the game.


What are your hobbies?

Programming, researching rendering stuff and playing games.


Favourite Games?

That is really hard. I’ve played many games over the years and there are many I liked when I played them although they probably are quite outdated now. But to pick a few over the years I remember enjoying: Castle Wolfenstein (My first experience with a 3D game), System Shock (for being something other than mindless shooting), MUD (my first experience with RPG with other players), Might & Magic IV: Clouds of Xeen (My first single player RPG), Half-Life and Half-Life 2 (for being such a complete FPS experience), Prey, Heroes of Might & Magic II and III, The Elder Scrolls series, Baldurs Gate, Neverwinter Nights, Dragon Age, Fallout series and many more…


What are your favourite movies?

I do like the Cohen brothers for their twisted view on human destinies, many of the Pixar movies for their faith in the good in people, Ridley Scott for some of the best SciFi movies I watched when I was younger, a lot of the Asian movies from Kitano, Johnny To and Takeshi Miike, to Studio Ghibli for their exceptional beauty Anime movies, Star Wars and Star Trek is of course also on the list – just to name a few …


Random Fun Fact about you

My desk is cluttered with Star Wars Lego models primarily the UCS.