ATTENTION! The content of this article is more than three months old and may not be relevant to the current version of the game

Make a difference and heal your friends or yourself in the hellfire of battle with First Aid Kits! In the “1.05 – Medic!” update we are introducing First Aid kits. 

With a First Aid Kit you can walk up to a wounded teammate and treat his wounds. If you’re not next to a teammate you can heal yourself instead. Healing friends gives you more XP. The addition of first aid is a feature that has been discussed in the community for quite a while and we are very happy with the engagement and attention to detail we have seen, and we think we have hit a really good setup that should satisfy most players. 

Using First Aid lets you complete the Medic Ribbon to unlock the larger medic pouch, three new combat badges letting you heal faster, giving your First Aid Kits extra uses, and making it easier to heal your friends in the heat of battle.

A standard First Aid Kit has one use and takes up one equipment point. The larger Medic Pouch, shown below, holds three First Aid Kits and takes up two equipment points.

How do my heroes get their hands on the first aid kits?

The single first aid kit unlocks at the Tactical ribbon grade 5, and the Medic Pouch unlocks on the Medic ribbon grade 6. 

New Ribbon and Combat Badges

To help you get the most out of the new First Aid kits, we added three new combat badges that unlock on the Medic combat ribbon. 

Medic Ribbon

Using first aid kits to treat combat injuries in the heat of battle will earn you points on this ribbon. More points are earned by helping friendly soldiers.


Combat Medic

An experienced medic knows how to strip his equipment to be able to carry a few extra first aid kits.

Bronze lets you carry one extra first aid kit, silver two and gold three extra. So a soldier with a Medic Pouch (3 First Aid kits) and the Gold Combat Medic badge carries a total of 6 first aid kits. A soldier with two Medic Pouches (3 each) carries a total of 9 first aid kits. 


First Aid

Being able to quickly locate and treat a combat wound will enable an injured soldier to recover and get back in action faster.

Bronze lets you perform first aid 20% faster, silver 50% faster and gold 100% faster.

Hand of God

Working under the stressful conditions of combat teaches the medic to treat soldiers without the need for close examination. 

Bronze extends your reach by 15%, Silver by 30% and Gold 50% making it easier to heal friends

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the equipment point cost?

A ‘First Aid Kit’ takes one equipment point and has one single use pr. deploy, Medic Pouch takes two equipment points and has three first aid kits. Both can be refilled in game using medic crates on the ground or on vehicles.

At a later point a Medic Bag will also be included holding 5-6 field dressings.

  • How much do they heal?

Using a First Aid kit will heal 80hp

  • How fast do they heal?

They can be used every 5½ seconds 

  • Heal yourself or only others?

Can be used on yourself if injured, or if you point at someone else it can be used on them.

  • Am I rewarded for healing others?

Yes! You earn XP and credits when healing others, how much depends on how much you heal your friends, so if you only heal a 5 hitpoint scratch you get less than if you heal the full 80 hp the first aid kit is capable of. 

  • Difference between first aid kits and health crate?

Medic Supply Crates Crates can be used to resupply both the First Aid Kit and Medic Pouch.

  • How can I see if a friend needs help?

When you have a First Aid Kit or Medic Pouch in your hand a health bar will appear above other players, similar to the bar above vehicles.

You can even choose to equip your soldier with multiple Medic Pouches and minimal weaponry to become in effect a field medic. So once released be sure to share your best medic loadouts with the rest of the community in our forum!