With the new render engine released, it’s the perfect time to also have a look what you can do to potentially improve the game performance. While playing you can press F7 to see your current FPS and Ping in the top right corner of the game screen.

Update your drivers

Updating your graphic card drivers can make a significant difference in performance. New drivers offer better support with our game. BETA drivers on the other end can cause the opposite effect.

Lower your resolution

Lowering your resolution is a very effective way to get more performance from the game as fewer pixels must be drawn on the screen. But it makes the GUI and everything look blocky and ugly – I hear you say! And yes, this is why we have introduced “render resolution”, that way you can keep the gui and other 2D things in the full resolution your monitor can produce and then just lower the render resolution to make the game run faster. If you run on very high-resolution monitors (2560×1440 and above) this is a very effective way to get a higher framerate.

Try turning off post FXAA, TAA, HDR etc.

Try turning HDR on/off to see the change. Turning it off will give a performance boost, but on most machines it is very very minor. Anti-Aliasing makes the game look smoother and removes jagged edges, but at a performance cost. Try experimenting with turning it off and on while keeping an eye on your FPS counter (press F7 to see FPS and Ping while playing)

Choose either Windowed Mode or Full Screen

Windowed, Windowed Fullscreen, Fullscreen – these are the three different Display Mode settings. Fullscreen is the fastest as the game drawes directly on the screen without going through Windows’, but it is a bit slower for switching between the game and other programs. IF you run enable the experimental DX12 you should ALWAYS run fullscreen as Windows caps windowed fullscreen at your monitor refresh rate (normally 60).

Close background programs

Free up as much memory and power for the game as possible. Do this by making sure you quit programs you don’t need while playing, for example your Google Chrome or Firefox can eat a lot of memory that the game could use.

Have a look at your power plan

In Windows Power Options make sure your power plan is set to “High Performance” to avoid Windows throttling the CPU down. Also if you are playing on a laptop always have it plugged into the AC power as most laptops throttle the CPU when running on the battery.

Change your graphics card settings

For nVidia cards you can change settings in the nVidia control panel and ask it to optimize for performance. Here is an example view.

G-Sync, “fast startup” & Windows 10 is a bad combo

The above combination is BAD for framerate. So IF you have a G-Sync capable graphics card, a G-Sync capable display and windows 10 you should EITHER turn off G-Sync in the nVidia settings OR disable “fast startup” in Windows 10.

Tell us your issues?

IF you see graphical issues we would very much like to hear about them here:
(we set up a survey to quickly gather (and sort) the feedback so the programmers can get working on fixes as fast as possible!)

Share your tips on the forum

If you have other great tips for improving performance use the link below to our forum and post it in the topics. We will go through the topic and gather the best tips to make sure everybody gets the best possible framerate in the game!