ATTENTION! The content of this article is more than three months old and may not be relevant to the current version of the game

Medic! Your teammates are looking for some help to get back on their feet. Here are five tips to be an effective medic.


Stand still soldier

Healing another wounded soldier on the field is difficult if the soldier is continuously moving. Make sure to (kindly) notify your teammate that you’re attempting to patch him up and to not move.


Heal Others

You have the ability to heal yourself with your own First Aid Kit. However, healing others doesn’t just make you feel better – it also provides much more experience points. And it might even get you a new friend in combat!


Attend the most wounded

You First Aid Kit is capable of healing up to 80 healthpoints. When approaching your teammates, an indicator will show how many healthpoints they have. Search for the player with the lowest amount of healthpoints to earn the most experience and to get the most use out of your First Aid Kit.


Find cover

Providing first aid in the middle of combat can be a dangerous thing. Try to find some cover with your teammate before using your First Aid Kit. This way, the chance of dying in the process is less likely.


I am the Medic

While you can see the health on other soldiers, players can also identify you as the Medic. A Medic icon is displayed next to your name, so players can see that you have a First Aid Kit equipped. Soldiers running towards you may be seeking help.