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In the previous challenge, we were looking for the best videos starring sub-machine guns. The community certainly delivered and gave us 29 videos to choose from. This time we start off with the video in the FAIL category (above). Sometimes, things just don’t go as planned … And then plan B also fails, plan C did not go much better either. Ouch, time for a new plan Lileikiss!

Next up is the EPIC category, the enthusiasm of mrjawz is unmatched as he takes on soldier after soldier with his sub-machine guns. The first seconds of the video might not be related to the subject of this contest, but with such a beautiful kill, who could have resisted?

Last up we have the FUNNY category. Nice mine you are placing there! It would be a shame if someone would, blow it up. Killer553 did exactly that, of course, he waited for the right moment! Watch this and two other FUNNY moments in the video below.


Reto Broadcasting Society

In the RBS challenges, we want you to share your best video footage with us! So if you have any footage you really want to share with the rest of the community this is your chance! In these challenges we will even reward you with gold for the best videos!

The rules are simple, create a video lasting three minutes or less about the subject below. Do you want to see how you can participate? Check this link to find out more!


RBS challenge 15: Light Tanks

“We’re being overrun! We cannot hold this position!”
Men fall to the ground left and right as the enemy comes closer and closer. In the background a small tank rains down a constant stream of machine gun fire.
You look to your left and see how the ground is covered with bodies, the few still standing cowering behind cover. Those brave enough to look over the wall to fire a round, immediately get fired upon from all directions.
This battle is over.

Suddenly you hear explosions, men screaming in a foreign language. The enemy tank has stopped firing and most of the infantry fire has stopped as well.
You look over the small wall and start laughing. From the east, two of your own light tanks have arrived. Two 37mm cannons rain death upon the enemy as the coaxial machine guns finish off everything that still moves.
Today, you will live.

In this RBS challenge we are looking for light tank videos. The video may last up to three minutes and can be submitted into one of three categories. To participate in one of the categories, simply put ‘Epic, Funny or Fail’ in the title of the video and post it in this topic.

For this challenge, you can submit your video into one of three categories (one per category):

  • Most Epic video
  • Funniest video
  • Biggest fail video

Are you the star of the battle as you save infantry from the enemy by giving close combat support? Did you manage to take down a battery of enemy tanks, or maybe a tank three times your size? Did you roll of a mountain and did your brakes fail to stop you from driving into a river? We are always interested to see what you guys can come up with!


Of course, there are prizes to be won! In this challenge there are a total of nine prizes to be earned! Three in each category:

  • First prize: 2000 gold
  • Second prize: 1000 gold
  • Third prize: 500 gold

How can I participate?

To participate you need to create a video lasting three minutes or less, in one (or more) of the given categories. You can post the video in a forumthread on our official forums. You can find this topic here!

Videos for RBS challenge 15: Light tanks, can be submitted till Wednesday, March 22nd 2017