ATTENTION! The content of this article is more than three months old and may not be relevant to the current version of the game


Version 130066 – 14MAR2017

  • Fix for missing mip level data
    • Fixes issue with colourful textures and black terrain/objects, for PC’s with 4 GB memory (32-bit operating systems)
  • Ideal processor selection for main thread again. Should help a bit on stuttering




Render Engine


  • New Render Engine
    • New render engine to improve stability and increase performance on your computer
    • In general the new render engine provides better options and support for lower end machines
  • Ingame Menu changes related to the new render engine:
    • ‘Fullscreen’ and ‘True Fullscreen’ checkboxes have been replaced by a ‘Display Mode’ slider allowing ‘Windowed mode’, ‘Windowed (Fullscreen)’ and the ‘Fullscreen’ options
    • Added ‘Render Resolution’ slider with ‘Low’, ‘Medium’, ‘High’ and ‘Native’ options
    • Added ‘Post FX AA’ slider with ‘Off’, ‘FXAA’ and ‘TAA’ options
    • Several options have been moved around to create room for the new options
    • Tweaked weather settings to match new render engine
    • Tweaked leaves to match new render engine
    • Tweaked on screen effects to match new render engine




  • The game can now also be set in the Brazilian-Portuguese language


Other Changes


  • Deprecated version of OBS Classic no longer supported – Open Broadcaster Software (v0.659b – 32bit)
  • Windows Vista no longer supported


Known Issues


  • Screen Overlays are not being drawn correctly over the game. For example TeamSpeak.
  • In OBS Studio (not classic) enabling ‘use anti-cheat compatibility hook’ causes Action client to crash.
  • Pressing PRINTSCREEN for screenshots in ‘True Fullscreen’ only works on Steam platform. Outside Steam either use GeForce Experience’ screenshot function or leave ‘true fullscreen’.
  • MSI Nahimic causes crashes in game when their OSD loads. Please disable it until MSI updates their software.