ATTENTION! The content of this article is more than three months old and may not be relevant to the current version of the game


Version 129379 – 28FEB2017

Assault Team Morale Update

The following changes have been made based on feedback from community and generals to help make it more profitable and faster for generals to play battles. Also it helps reducing queue times. This results in longer wars, and allows individuals to return their near depleted units to the faction stockpile.
When stockpiles are sufficient, players may opt to pay redeployment cost for fresh units and still be able to continue to fight for friends on the war map. 

The three main changes are the following:

  1. War battles with insufficient player population are now open to the match-maker for 60 minutes (previously 30 minutes) giving you more time to play the war battles.
  2. If an AT is unequipped, the resources allocated to it are returned to the stockpile.
  3. Defending ATs with low morale are routed (destroyed)


More details below

Withdrawing (when an AT is unequipped from the commander, NOT when retreating from battle)

This includes: Upgrading, Changing combat badges (Assault Teams must be unequipped to do so) or Withdrawing when changing classes.

  • Results in the loss of all supply

    • Resources remaining will return to the faction stockpile.
  • Warning messages changed to indicate this
  • Withdrawal cooldown has been removed (previously 8 hours for all non Paratrooper AT/24 hours for Paratrooper AT)

Unit Depletion

  • If an Infantry, Recon, or Paratrooper Assault Team loses all soldiers, it is removed from the warmap. Any equipment remaining will be sent to the victorious faction's stockpile.
  • If a Fighter or Tank Assault Team has no remaining Vehicles OR soldiers, it is removed from the warmap.
  • Similarly, if a unit’s morale is depleted, the resources will be lost.

    • Assault teams no longer go through a ‘rebuilding’ phase and can be deployed once resources become available.

War battles with insufficient players for the battle to be fun

  • Fun battles will remain active for 60 minutes before autoresolve is initiated
  • No units are lost in an autoresolved (fun) battle.

    • 10 Morale lost for winner, 20 for loser.
  • Autoresolve does not generate warfunds or experience for Assault Teams, it is always faster and more profitable to play the battles. 

Other Changes

  • Optimized ribbon progression window and ribbon overview windows a lot
  • Bug Fix: Squad Leader and Squad Member ribbons showed incorrect progression
  • Weapons & Equipment – window doesn't update on name change
  • Fixed issue with condition of damaged weapon mods not being shown when opening weapon modification window
  • Fixed incorrect soldier rank names in a certain case
  • Backend update to player stats storage.
  • Download of static data and images moved into the installer/hngsync/steam. Players should see significant improvements on load times. Increases game download size a few 100 mb (data would otherwise be downloaded while playing).

Version 128882 – 20FEB2017

  • Fixed flash exception being generated when 3-faction battles being not fun for the Defender are selected on the War map

Version 128720 – 09FEB2017

  • Fix for client crash when double clicking the “Bundles button”
  • Fix for misaligned crosshairs on widescreens
  • Reduced sound volume on the sound which notifies you a match has been found
  • Fixed that vehicles with legacy skins are unretrievable when the soldier is reverted to Pilot
  • Fixed wrong unit count when pathfinders are converted from flying to grounded pathfinders
  • Exploit were it was VERY easy to farm XP as pilot by shooting paraplanes fixed. (fell out, added 10FEB17 /reto.robotron3000)
  • Backend fixes





Weapons & Vehicles


  • Added new German Heavy Fighter Messerschmitt Me 410B-2
  • Added new Soviet Heavy Fighter Petlyakov Pe-3bis
  • Added new United States Medium Fighter Curtiss P-40N Warhawk
  • Moved the P-38 Lightning to the Heavy Fighter class
  • Messerschmitt Bf-109 and the Yak-9 are now classified as Medium Fighters
  • Added bombs to the Reconnaissance Planes
  • Minor speed adjustments have been made for the planes, making them slightly slower
  • Decreased speed at which the planes stall, to allow for better plane control
  • Added new plane controls:
    • Default Plane Control (Mouse): Plane moves where the mouse moves
    • Alternate Plane Control (Camera): Plane moves where the camera moves
    • Alternate Plane Control (Classic): Plane is controlled with keyboard
  • Added new throttle controls:
    • Default Throttle Control: Automatic (Switches back to optimal combat speed automatically)
    • Alternate Throttle Control: Step (Each time “W” or “S” is used, a step is taken to increase or reduce plane speed)
    • Alternate Throttle Control: Smooth (“W” and “S” can be used to set throttle speed at what player desires)
  • New Factory Paint Jobs for the following planes (old Factory Paint Job are kept as legacy for players who already have them):
    • Messerschmitt Bf-109
    • Yak-9
    • P-38 Lightning
  • New Vehicle Paint Job for the Messerschmitt Bf-109
    • Forest Splinter
  • New Vehicle Paint Job for the Yak-9
    • Kozhedub Two Tone
  • New Vehicle Paint Job for the P-38 Lightning
    • Dark Earth & Green
  • Fixed UI performance issues when inside a tank
  • Tweaked vehicle resupply, if one weapon connected to your seat is empty, all the weapons will be fully re-supplied
  • Tweaked tracers, larger but dimmer glow




  • Factory Map Adjustments
    • Deploy zone of infantry at O2 pulled slightly back to increase run distance to the Objective (Creating a better balance between attackers and defenders of the Objective
    • Added more cover between the deploy zone of O2 and the Objective to prevent easy spawnkilling
    • Switched the opened doors of the O2 Objective building to further increase run distance to get in the Objective from the O2 Deploy zone (Better gameplay balance)
    • Opened backdoor of O1 Objective to provide a better path for Defenders
    • Switched the opened doors of the O1 Objective Building to divert the attackers from the O1 Deploy zone




  • Added the Heavy Fighter upgrade to Medium Fighter Assault Teams
  • Altered range and speed of the Medium and Heavy Fighter Assault Teams to fit in the Heavy Fighters (Heavy Fighter Assault Teams have a higher range)
  • Set a separate resource production for the Heavy Fighters
  • Updated Anti-Cheat

Weapon Depot update

The behavior for mods is:
Modifications get uneqipped from the soldier and from the weapon when entering the depot, making them available for any suitable soldier and weapon. Once bound, the modification sticks to the soldier but is still freely transferable between suitable weapons.

For Ammo:
Ammo is kept in the weapon, but once the weapon is given to a soldier, it becomes unequipped and usable for all unlocked weapons for that soldier.

This applies retroactively, so mods previously unavailable will now be there in lieu of having to repurchase them with a new soldier.