ATTENTION! The content of this article is more than three months old and may not be relevant to the current version of the game

For RBS challenge number 12, it was all about teamwork. Furthermore, with Valentine’s Day on the way we decided to add a special category. We wanted to see who could create the most ROMANTIC video. BushElito decided to share his love in the first video of this challenge, earning him two 30-day veteran voucher codes, one for himself and one for a friend.

Of course we had many other contenders and with three more podium places to go, it’s time to move on! What do you do when your plane goes down in the air? You ask Ted.The.Bear for a lift of course! Travelling with Ted.The.Bear does not come free though, it requires taking out one enemy plane. Check out his EPIC video to see if McknownPlayer has earned his lift!


Sometimes Ted.The.Bear does not ask you to shoot down a plane for a lift though, every once in a while, giving your life for a lift is allowed as well! Check the video below and see how Ted.The.Bear won his second place on the podium in this FUNNY teamwork video.


Every once in a while it might be a better idea to just walk, rather than jump on the back of friendly vehicle. iAmWeiser decided to re-educate his friends by showing them what can happen when you get on board his kübelwagen. Watch his FAIL video below to learn from the mistake of his friends!

Reto Broadcasting Society

In the RBS challenges, we want you to share your best video footage with us! So if you have any footage you really want to share with the rest of the community this is your chance! In these challenges we will even reward you with gold for the best videos!

The rules are simple, create a video lasting three minutes or less about the subject below. Do you want to see how you can participate? Check this link to find out more!

RBS challenge 13: High in the sky! (planes)

Enemy planes have been sighted in the area. It is your job to take them down! Every plane has been installed with brand new flight controls. Not only should this make your job a lot easier, they even come with several settings!

After jumping into your plane and taking off, you notice how smooth your plane feels. It does exactly what you want, when you want it. Before long you get behind an enemy plane, guns blazing you give him everything you got. But he too seems to have received an upgrade, maneuvering left and right, up and down trying to evade you. Suddenly he turns around and comes right for you! What happens next? Well, we hope you can tell us, or even better, show us in a video.

In this challenge we want to see pilots fly with the new control mechanics – all three settings are of course allowed to be used. This also means that for this challenge, only footage from the current build is allowed. The video may last up to three minutes and can be submitted into one of the categories listed below. To participate in one of the categories, simply put ‘Epic, Funny or Fail’ in the title of the video and post a link to it in the forum-thread listed below.

For this challenge, you can submit your video into one of three categories:

  • Most Epic video
  • Funniest video
  • Biggest fail video


Of course, there are prizes to be won! In this challenge there are a total of nine prizes to be earned! Three in each category:

  • First prize: 2000 gold
  • Second prize: 1000 gold
  • Third prize: 500 gold