ATTENTION! The content of this article is more than three months old and may not be relevant to the current version of the game

To celebrate that Heroes & Generals reached 10 million players we invited you, the players, to complete 10 different challenges in 10 days to compete for a total prize sum of 10 million credits. 

What was it all about?

We set up 10 different challenges – two for each type of soldier in Heroes & Generals. If you managed to complete a challenge, you were automatically entered into the drawing for that specific challenge.
When the contest ended January 27th at 10.00 CET we dug into our database to find all the players who successfully completed the challenges. We then picked one winner for each challenge using a random number generator.

Who won

GODZILLA11952 – Killed 1 enemy pilot with plane-machinegun or cannon
Marc3773 – Killed 1 enemy soldier as tail gunner
arty80260 – Destroyed 1 enemy tank as tanker
Svedzz – Killed 1 enemy soldier with a support weapon on a tank
zackgo – Captured/participated in capturing 1 control point
PPAP107 – Killed 1 enemy soldier with a semi-auto rifle
Alternativ1977 – Captured/participated in capturing 1 control point
svenskOST – Killed 1 enemy soldier who is capturing a control point
kyochi – Killed an enemy with a Headshot
White_Owl – Silent killed 1 enemy soldier (spade, knife or wrench)

How will the winners claim their prizes?

All 10 winners have been notified directly, and the prizes have been added directly to each of their player accounts.