ATTENTION! The content of this article is more than three months old and may not be relevant to the current version of the game

Our Xmas competition has come to an end, and what a way to end an explosive 2016! We are happy so many of you joined in our Merry Xmas & Happy New War contest!

A classic Heroes & Generals Xmas dish is of course “bullet-holed Reindeer served with lead residue and lingonberry jam!” 

Congratulations winners

Scoozy and Dr_Stanford

Both have received information on how to claim their prize via email. 

So Congratulations and Happy Hand Grenade to the winners!


What was the contest?

Open season on reindeer – contest

Nothing says Merry Xmas and Happy New War like a volley of machine gun fire delivered by a Polikarpov R-Z, a Henschel Hs-126 B-1 or a Curtiss O-52 Owl. Climb aboard one of the new reconnaissance planes as either pilot or tail gunner and take part in this contest. It is all very simple – if you make a kill while in a recon plane, no matter if it is against an enemy pilot or an infantry soldier on the ground, you automatically enter this contest.


Presents for Heinz, Ivan and Joe! – contest

Delivering a Xmas present in person is the only true way to take joy in the surprise of the person receiving it. Might we suggest a hand delivered hand grenade as a nice present for your enemies in Heroes & Generals. Anyone making a kill using a hand grenade is automatically entered into this contest.

Who Won?

Scoozy has a pilot character named Vladislav Ivchenko who, in a Polikarpov R-Z, won the Open season on reindeer and Dr_Stanford playing his infantry character “Mr.Guerilla” won the Presents for Heintz, Ivan and Joe! contest! 

Each won a festive Heroes & Generals present containing:

  • Heroes & Generals Hoodie
  • Heroes & Generals T-shirt
  • Heroes & Generals Lanyard
  • Heroes & Generals USB-key
  • Voucher for 5,000 Gold