Our Xmas competition has come to an end, and what a way to end an explosive 2016! We are happy so many of you joined in our Merry Xmas & Happy New War contest!

A classic Heroes & Generals Xmas dish is of course “bullet-holed Reindeer served with lead residue and lingonberry jam!” 

Congratulations winners

Scoozy and Dr_Stanford

Both have received information on how to claim their prize via email. 

So Congratulations and Happy Hand Grenade to the winners!


What was the contest?

Open season on reindeer – contest

Nothing says Merry Xmas and Happy New War like a volley of machine gun fire delivered by a Polikarpov R-Z, a Henschel Hs-126 B-1 or a Curtiss O-52 Owl. Climb aboard one of the new reconnaissance planes as either pilot or tail gunner and take part in this contest. It is all very simple – if you make a kill while in a recon plane, no matter if it is against an enemy pilot or an infantry soldier on the ground, you automatically enter this contest.


Presents for Heinz, Ivan and Joe! – contest

Delivering a Xmas present in person is the only true way to take joy in the surprise of the person receiving it. Might we suggest a hand delivered hand grenade as a nice present for your enemies in Heroes & Generals. Anyone making a kill using a hand grenade is automatically entered into this contest.

Who Won?

Scoozy has a pilot character named Vladislav Ivchenko who, in a Polikarpov R-Z, won the Open season on reindeer and Dr_Stanford playing his infantry character “Mr.Guerilla” won the Presents for Heintz, Ivan and Joe! contest! 

Each won a festive Heroes & Generals present containing:

  • Heroes & Generals Hoodie
  • Heroes & Generals T-shirt
  • Heroes & Generals Lanyard
  • Heroes & Generals USB-key
  • Voucher for 5,000 Gold