ATTENTION! The content of this article is more than three months old and may not be relevant to the current version of the game

The upcoming update “1.03 – Wings of War” brings a much-requested new feature to the plane gameplay! With this update we have added two new control options for the plane movement and two new option for the planes’ throttle. In the Devstream broadcast Friday January 20th we showed new plane controls and much more

Mouse Mode controls

The new default setting is “Mouse Mode” – where your move mouse to aim where you want the plane to go, and the plane then tries its best tog go there, how this works is illustrated below.

You move the white crosshair and the red aiming reticule shows where the plane is headed.

Camera Mode controls

In the camera mode setting the camera is fixed and you move the camera, and the plane goes where the camera points.

In both Mouse Mode and Camera Mode you can still roll your plane (default keys A & D)

Throttle settings

The two new throttle settings let you control the throttle smoothly or in steps, setting it to fixed values and leaving it there instead of having to hold the key to fly faster or slower that combat speed. Take a look at the video on the top of the page to see this in action!

How about Advanced Controls?

The existing flight control options are still here and can be used if you want to.