ATTENTION! The content of this article is more than three months old and may not be relevant to the current version of the game

UPDATE: This contest has now ended – Thank you all who took part. We will announce the winners in a seperate blogpost during next week.

Play and win! To celebrate that we are now more than 10 million Heroes & Generals 10 contest will run over the next 10 days, letting 10 lucky (and skilled) players compete for a total prize sum of 10 million credits!

10 Contests!

During the next 10 days, complete one or more of the challenges in the list below, for a chance to win a prize of 1 million credits per contest. So 10 lucky players will win 1 million credits each.

  1. PILOTS – Kill 1 enemy pilot with plane-machineguns or cannons
  2. PILOTS – Kill 1 enemy soldier as tail gunner
  3. TANKERS – Destroy 1 enemy tank as tanker
  4. TANKERS – Kill 1 enemy soldier with a support weapon on a tank
  5. INFANTRY – Capture/participate in capturing 1 control point
  6. INFANTRY – Kill 1 enemy soldier with a semi-auto rifle
  7. PARATROOPERS – Capture/participate in capturing 1 control point
  8. PARATROOPERS – Kill 1 enemy soldier who is capturing a control point
  9. RECON – kill an enemy with a Headshot
  10. RECON – Silent kill of 1 enemy soldier (spade, knife or wrench)

How do I enter?

The 10 challenges have been set up so there is something for all soldier types in the game; Pilots, Tankers, Infantry, Paratroopers and Recon. And you can, of course, enter all contests if you have a soldier of each type and complete each of the 10 challenges.

10 Million Credits!

Prize: 1 million credits for the winner in each contest! For a total prize sum of 10 million credits.

Can i participate in all 10 contests?

Yes, of course, and you can also win more than one contest if you are lucky!

10 Days!

When do I enter?

The contest runs from Tuesday 17JAN17 1000CET to Friday 27JAN17 1000CET.



New planes coming in the next update – prepare and buy a Fighter Pilot now!.

To celebrate that we have reached 10 million players you will, for a limited time, get a 25 % Discount on Fighter Pilots.