ATTENTION! The content of this article is more than three months old and may not be relevant to the current version of the game

In the upcoming “Ihlefeld – Warbirds and Tail gunners” update we’re adding a new updated flight model for ALL planes as well as a series of enhancements to the plane controls.

In the Twitch Devstream (subscribe to make sure you don’t miss it!) we showed how the improved flight model and new controls work, take a look at this highlight from the devstream below, or find the whole episode on Youtube here.

More pilot gameplay will be added in due time – This is only take off!

New planes you Say?

A new class of planes called reconnaissance planes (recon planes) will appear as “Fighter Recon” in the Ihlefeld update. All three of these new planes are two-seaters, with each having a rear-facing (tail) gunner sitting behind the pilot. So now you can bring your buddy to the skies.

Recon Planes Parked

I recon that’s three new planes, sir!
Flight Officer Pun Intended

Be part of the journey now that we start to up the plane-game.

In the coming days we will go into more detail with the three new planes with news articles about each one!

Tail gunner

The tail gunners seat mechanic allows a fellow pilot to deploy into your plane as the tail gunner and help you both fight off enemy planes, but also harass and destroy enemies on the ground. You can choose to deploy as a tail gunner while waiting to deploy as a pilot, and when your own plane is ready you can un-deploy from the tail gunner seat and deploy your own plane. If your pilot gets shot or the plane takes too much damage you can un-deploy as well. Default key for both deploying and un-deploying is to hold the ‘E’ key down.

Updated Controls

The planes’ control scheme has been updated a bit. If you just deploy a plane and start flying these are your default controls.


Standard Controls
Throttle Full ‘W’
Throttle Brake ‘S’
Pitch Mouse up/down
Roll Mouse left/right
Yaw ‘A’ & ‘D’

The controls has 3 different modifiers that makes the controls behave in different ways for specific uses, but you can get by without them in the beginning, but we recommend getting used to Orbit Cam as fast as you can.

Orbit cam hold ‘LSHIFT’
Alt Controls hold ‘LCTRL’
Level flight hold ‘ALT’

Orbit Cam allows you to look around your plane and see what is happening elsewhere, just like the third-person view in vehicles on the ground.
Alt Controls and Level flight are detailed below.

Alt Controls
(Also triggered in orbit cam, except for mouse input)
Throttle in steps * ‘Mouse 4’ & ‘Mouse 5’
Pitch ‘W’ & ‘S’
Mouse up/down *
Roll ‘A’ & ‘D’
Yaw Mouse left/right *
* Except Orbit Cam


Level Controls
(plane auto levels)
Pitch Mouse Y
Yaw Mouse X

Flight Model

The new plane physics model changes handling and makes plane behave more as you would expect them to. This makes handling feel a lot more natural and the recon planes feels like recon planes and neither flying bicycles nor top of the line fighters.

What about the existing planes?

The fighter planes already in the game are also updated to use both the new controls and the new flight model. In short, they fly quite a lot faster (nearly twice as fast as before).