ATTENTION! The content of this article is more than three months old and may not be relevant to the current version of the game

We love seeing all the videos that you, the players of Heroes & Generals, post on YouTube – that is why we created the Reto Broadcasting Society to challenge you. Now it’s time to change the format a bit to make it more fun for everyone to take part. 

But let us start by congratulating DanDippity with winning this RBS challenge and a prize of 2000 gold! It’s a beautiful song DanDippity has given us a warm feeling in this cold December month. 

Reto Broadcasting Society

In the RBS challenges, we want you to share your best video footage with us! So if you have any footage you really want to share with the rest of the community, and even better, be rewarded for with gold! This is your chance! Simply create a video lasting 60 seconds or less and post the link in the forum topic below.

The video above was created with the previous format in mind However, with this new format we want to make it much easier to participate in the RBS challenge. By keeping it short we reduce the need for you to make a lot of heavy edits and all the cool action you see on the battlefield could be the winning recording. And with more prizes than ever, this is the time to participate! You can read the details on the upcoming challenge below.

RBS challenge 9: Planes, planes … planes!

In this challenge it is all about planes. But unlike the previous challenges, the assignment stops there.

Perhaps you wish to to show a bit of a cool air-battle, or an awesome bombing run. Do you want to show it from the pilot’s perspective? Or perhaps you wish to show it from the perspective of an infantry soldier looking at the sky in amazement.

For this challenge, you can submit your video into one of three categories:

  • Most Epic video
  • Funniest video
  • Biggest fail video

You can show us which category you wish to participate in by simply adding the word ‘epic, funny or fail’ to the title of your video. You submit you video by posting a link to it in the forum topic below.

Every participant is allowed to make one submission in every category. However, using the same video in several categories is not allowed.

Videos may only be 60 seconds long from now on. Videos longer than 60 seconds will be disqualified.


Of course, there are prizes to be won! In this challenge there are a total of nine prizes to be earned! Three in each category:

  • First prize: 2000 gold
  • Second prize: 1000 gold
  • Third prize: 500 gold

Are you interested and want to know more? Check this link to see how you can participate!