ATTENTION! The content of this article is more than three months old and may not be relevant to the current version of the game


Version 128189 – 25JAN2017

  • Credit earning values adjusted a bit (up)
  • Fixed issue where players on bronze or silver matchmaking group were unable to purchase a tanker character
  • Fix: Squad “Join/Cancel” Button sometimes disappeard.
  • Fix: Players sometimes received the same unlock notification more than once
  • Fix: Rare client crash bug when receiving broken “stats upload confirmation”.


Version 128006 – 18JAN2017

  • If you use “Norton Internet Security” you might see a false positive where it falsely “blocks ‘unauthorized access’ from hngsync.exe” once a minute.


Version 127898 – 17JAN2017

  • Credit earnings are now based on the amount of experience you gain in battle. Making the system simpler and rewarding soldiers making an active effort in the battle
  • NB: Soldier salary not changed
  • Removed recruitment limits. You can now get a Tanker, Recon, Paratrooper, and Pilot as soon as you want, no matter what Player Level you are.
  • New First Time User Flow Experience added, to better explain the game to new players and make it easier for players to go into battle
  • Changed Encounter map to 10 vs. 10 as a test
  • Re-arranged camouflage unlocks on all careers and bundled camouflages of similar groups together (so they unlock together)
  • Re-arranged weapon finishes unlocks on all weapons and bundled camouflages of similar groups together (so they unlock together)
  • Re-arranged vehicle paint jobs unlocks on all vehicles so they unlock earlier
  • Purchasing a new soldier now automatically assigns the right matchmaking group, instead of the player level unlock determining this
  • Fixed a minor issue that caused vehicles not to appear in the soldier information in the soldier shop
  • Matchmaking group is now displayed in the soldier shop
  • Fixed next level combat badge being shown on badges with no possible further progression
  • Adjusted experience gained from firing plane weapons to be more in line with the other careers
  • Fixed some localization issues

Version 127016 – 22DEC16

  • Fixed a rare Action Game server crash
  • Rock exploit fix

Version 126920 – 20DEC16

  • Bug Fix: Wrong ribbon-unlocks for Mechanic badge
  • Bug Fix: You were unable to swap badges between slots
  • When a vehicle weapon join the action game with ammo they will have unlimited ammo for the remainder of the match. Fix for vehicles running out of ammo and never resupplying.
  • Hit indicators were sometimes not shown in vehicles
  • Steam – Adobe Air error shown when flash client relaunches to set language
  • Fixed issue where undeploying as support gunner would cause all resources to be deducted from assault teams
  • Fixed Soldier camo equipping issue
  • Fix for leaving chat channels not working (regression of 126843)
  • New recon plane campaign image added to the shop.
  • Exit prone fix
  • Fixed hero coli on rock
  • Fix for unlock crash @deploy
  • Partial Fix for account that had not been logged in for a long time, getting stuck.- If you see this try relogging a couple of times.


Weapons & Vehicles

  • Added German Reconnaissance Plane – Henschel Hs 126 B-1
  • Added US Reconnaissance Plane – Curtiss O-52 Owl
  • Added Soviet Reconnaissance Plane – Polikarpov R-Z
  • Added a new explosive ammunition types for each Reconnaissance plane. This ammunition is similar to the High Explosive ammunition on the tier 2 Planes.
  • Plane hitpoints and colision models adjusted to make dog fights more fun, planes are easier to shoot, pilots harder
  • Added the “Dedicated Support Gunner“ ability for Pilots and Tankers
    • This allows Pilots and Tankers to deploy as a Support gunner on a Reconnaissance Plane or Tank and they can return to the deploy menu at any time
  • Switched the primary and secondary fire of planes
  • New sound behaviour for all planes
  • All fighter planes received a new drop bomb sound
  • New flight and flight stress sounds for all planes
  • Added slight camera shake for when the planes reach max velocity
  • Tweaked the Aerial bomb explosion visually
  • Tanks now have unique spawn deploy delay time
  • Updated the Messerschmitt Bf 109E-4 MG17 3D model
  • Added new collision meshes for the Messerschmitt Bf 109E-4, so it is more accurate now
  • PTRD adjustments
    • Added more sway when standing
    • Added more sway when crouched
    • Increased weapon imprecision (cone fire) when standing
    • Increased weapon imprecision (cone fire) when crouched
  • Vehicles no longer remain invisible when the Deploy zone changes owner
  • Readded missing bikes to Village Skirmish

Ribbons & Unlocks

  • Moved Aircraft Thief Badges to Ground Support ribbon grades 1, 5 and 9
  • Moved Wrench to Ground Support ribbon grade 2
  • Moved Pilot pistol unlocks to Ground Support ribbon grade 6
  • Moved Pilot SMG unlocks to Ground Support ribbon grade 10
  • Moved the tier 2 aircraft to Dogfight ribbon grade 5


  • Fixed an issue where you could matchmake and join games without being able to actually play them.
  • Updates to Anti-Cheat system
  • Faction Resource Adjustments:
    • Adjusted Infantry Stockpile from 500.000 to 750.000
    • Adjusted Infantry Production from 1000 to 1150
    • Adjusted Recon Stockpile from 20.000 to 30.000
    • Adjusted Recon Production from 100 to 75
    • Adjusted ISV Stockpile from 10.000 to 8000
    • Adjusted Motorcycle Stockpile from 20.000 to 50.000
    • Adjusted Motorized Vehicle Stockpile from 100.000 to 75.000
    • Adjusted Tank Crew Stockpile from 9000 to 13.500
    • Adjusted Tank Crew Production from 90 to 120
    • Adjusted Tank Destroyer Stockpile from 1000 to 2000
    • Adjusted Fighter Pilot Stockpile from 1500 to 7000
    • Added Recon Planes Stockpile to 4500
    • Added Recon Planes Production to 12
    • Adjusted Fighter Planes Stockpile from 1500 to 7000
    • Adjusted Fighter Planes Production from 5 to 8
    • Adjusted Transport Planes Production from 18 to 15
  • Changed name of US explosive rifle bullet to to Pomeroy from T99 (more historically accurate)
  • Occasional stuttering sound & animation when dragging and dropping weapons, badges, and assault teams fixed
  • A notification is added if you try to launch an Action Game, but you already have one running
  • Notification icons (or “breadcrumbs”) on the soldier screen showing what weapons, vehicles, weapon finishes, vehicle paint jobs and combat badges, you have just unlocked.

Known Issues

  • Combat badges cannot be swapped between slots.
  • Wrong ribbon-unlocks for Mechanic badge