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Combat Badges, what are they and how do I earn them. Many different ribbons unlock many different Combat Badges. Read more about the details of the Combat Badges.


Go for the Gold

Each Combat Badge has a bronze, silver and gold version. The gold version will unlock last, but also provides the most benefits for your soldier. Dynamite Lover will for example give one explosive extra on bronze, but three(!) extra on Gold. 


Are you a ‘Heavy Set’ soldier?

Heavy Set is the most used Combat Badge among players. Silver Heavy Set will prevent you from being one-shot by bolt-action rifles and Gold Heavy Set will prevent you from being one-shot by Recon sniper rifles. Heavy Set reduces the damage you take by up to 15 percent. 


Playstyle defines your choices

There’s a huge variety of Combat Badges available. Dynamite Lover badge is not that useful if you don’t carry any explosives, but other Combat Badges might be useful, such as Tight Grip for your machine gun. Take your time to read through some of the Combat Badges and find the ones most suitable to your playstyle.


The right Combat Badges for the right career

Special Careers, such as Pilots, Tankers and Paratroopers have some unique useful Combat Badges for themselves. A faster reload on your main cannon, or a faster reload on your bombs in a plane. Make sure to have a look at what you require to unlock those.


Veteran Membership lets you wear two combat badges

Veteran Membership has the ability to enable the second combat badge slot for you. So next to your favorite badge, you can now equip another badge to affect your combat abilities.

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