Planes are a very powerful tools in the game, but mastering flying can be difficult. Five tips for Pilots helps you head in the right direction!


Get a handle on steering

The default steering of planes uses the WASD-keys. This is perfect when learning the basics of flying, but more advanced pilots use the CTRL-key in combination with WASD. Holding CTRL allows you to maneuver and turn faster.


Put the pedal to the metal

You can speed up your plane above the optimal combat level. This allows you to fly faster, but maneuvering your plane becomes more difficult and it may not react as smooth. The combat level is the optimal level for the best handling of your plane.


Wrench – your new best friend

Is your plane badly damaged? You might want to consider landing it and repairing it. Unlock the wrench for the Pilot so you can keep your plane longer and can repair it once it’s damaged.


To each pilot his own ammo

There’s various ammunition available for the planes. High Explosive shells are excellent against soft open vehicles and infantry as they cause an explosion effect. APCR rounds are however excellent against tanks and other planes. It can prove beneficial to have two pilot characters with the two types of ammunition available to you in battle.


Combat Badges

The Pilots have some very specific badges which can improve your performance in a plane. Flak Jacket reduces the damage you take, while Bombs Away decreases the time required to re-supply your bombs and ammunition.

This is part of a series of blogposts focusing on tips and tricks for playing Heroes & Generals and getting the most out of your gaming experience. The series will feature content for both newcomers and veterans alike.