Having an infantry soldiers in a battle is crucial for victory. There’s many different ways you can be effective as an Infantry soldiers. Here are five tips to get the most out of the infantry class and be as versatile as possible to beat your opponent.

five-tips-to-be-a-versatile-infantry_explore-load-outsExplore various load-outs

As an Infantry you have a wide diversity of weapons available to you. Using different combinations on different soldiers, allows you to switch to whatever Soldier you need during battle. Close-range, Medium range, long range and anti-tank soldiers are always good to have available, so you can pick what will help your team the most.


five-tips-to-be-a-versatile-infantry_get-some-wheelsGet some wheels

There are various types of vehicles available for the infantry to drive your and your friends into battle. The Motorized Vehicles allow for medium speed, and a lot of passengers. The motorcycles are incredibly fast, but can not carry as many passengers or a supply crate. The Infantry Support Vehicles are slow, but can be spawned on continuously and have the ability to carry a lot of passengers.


five-tips-to-be-a-versatile-infantry_work-togetherWork together to be victorious

It’s difficult to do everything on your own – you will need your team to advance. Spawn on each others vehicles, pick up your teammates and drive to the next control point together. Do you already have four teammates using close quarter equipment? In that case it might be useful if you were to pick the soldier which is mid or long-range so you can better support them.


five-tips-to-be-a-versatile-infantry_kknow-your-enemyKnow your enemy

Knowing your enemy is an important factor. To know your enemy best, why not play on all the factions to see what their guns are like. Each weapon has unique up- and downsides, find out which weapons you prefer on each faction.


five-tips-to-be-a-versatile-infantry_squadTake advantage of your squad

Playing in a Squad does not only provide additional experience, it’s also a great way to work together. Group up with your Squad members, follow the commands and fight for victory together. Your Squad can always be recognized by the marked green player names.


This is part of a series of blogposts focusing on tips and tricks for playing Heroes & Generals and getting the most out of your gaming experience. The series will feature content for both newcomers and veterans alike.