ATTENTION! The content of this article is more than three months old and may not be relevant to the current version of the game

As a continuation to the number of changes being done to improve the user journey – from entering to mastering the game, we also revised the Tier system.

In order to have a more granulated progression system and to give players a better feeling of personal achievement, the Tier system has been refined and redesigned into Player Levels.

This will also have an effect on the matchmaker and balance of the game in regards to players’ experience and skill level on the battlefield.

New UI - Player-Levels

Player Levels

The Player Levels consist of 12 Levels in total, which you will level up by playing any of your soldiers. For every level you attain, you will get an unlock and a reward such as Battle Types, Factions, Soldier Career Recruitment, Veteran Memberships, and Gold.

Some of the unlocks, which can now be found in the Player Levels, used to be available to all players from the start. This was changed to enable new players to learn the game in logical steps instead of being confronted with everything at once.

Apart from this you rank up your soldiers just like you are used to. The difference being that progression has been split more clearly between your personal level and your individual soldier’s development, which feels more rewarding and enables us to fine tune the matchmaking system.

Matchmaking Groups

As part of the user journey changes, more specifically the Player Levels, the main function of the Tier system was changed into Matchmaking groups.

Matchmaking groups are now unlocked as you level up your Player Level instead of the soldier rank, and it applies to all the soldiers on your account. Consequently, you do not have to progress one soldier to a specific rank, but playing with any soldier will let you level up your Player Level and thus Matchmaking Group.

Starting on Player Level 1, you will belong to the Matchmaking Group Bronze. The friends and foes you will meet on the battlefield will correspond to your Matchmaking group and therefore also skill level. Matchmaking Group Silver will be unlocked at Player Level 5 and Gold at Player Level 8.

Unlike the Tier system, which unlocked at soldier ranks on single characters for the whole account, the Player Level unlocking of Matchmaking Groups ensures that every player had to gain the exact  same amount of experience in order to get this unlock. Hence, the skill level of the players you meet on the battlefield will be  more balanced than before.

What about the Veterans?

Veterans, and any player who has any account progression, will automatically receive a Player Level in accordance with their current advancement. Everyone will receive the unlocks and rewards for the Player Level received, as well as be put in the respective Matchmaking group.

Players will from now on unlock career options as they level up their Player Levels rather than for every single soldier through rank progression. As soon as you have unlocked a career, you will be able to buy the respective soldier on any faction.

As a part of this change,  switching careers for individual soldiers will no longer be possible for new characters. This will increase the balance of the game, ensure specialized characters, who become masters of their roles, and erase the frustration players often experience when they realize that their specialized soldier cannot use specific weapons or vehicles any more.

Please note that this change only applies to new characters. Every character on your profile present before this change will keep the ability to switch back and forth between careers.

This solution seemed right to us, since we do not want to erase your existing efforts and play style. Those of you who train Infantry soldiers to become Tank Crewman will still be able to change career.