ATTENTION! The content of this article is more than three months old and may not be relevant to the current version of the game

We have just roared past 8 MILLION registered Heroes & Generals! That is an impressive amount of players engaged in our version of World War II.

We truly appreciate your support as well as value the feedback we get from you, and we hope that you continue to have great fun in the game.

We built Heroes & Generals from the ground up to be a unique World War II game, and to surpass 8 million players is an achievement that makes everyone at Reto-Moto proud, To see players having fun in the game everyday is a continuous inspiration to the small but very dedicated team of game developers at Reto-Moto striving to make the game even better.
Martin Pollas, CEO at Reto-Moto.

It just so happens that at the same time as surpassing 8 million registered players, Heroes & Generals can also celebrate its second year Steam Anniversary.

Did you know that two years ago we were actually one of the first 10 games to be greenlit by the community on Steam? That’s pretty cool, we think.

And another fun fact; In the past year alone the game developers at Reto-Moto have made 12,716 tweaks and improvements to the game and squashed 3,137 bugs as well as adding new weapons, vehicles, tanks, uniforms and implemented the brand new Squad-system to Heroes & Generals.