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This post is a follow up on  Squad Up! – Part 1 and will go more into depth with all the changes made around the Squad update!

Choosing Battles and the Matchmaker

The Squad Leader or Squad Leader Cadet can choose the battle types and maps you want to join in with your Squad.
In the Squad Menu, the tab Maps and Filters provides an overview of all the Battle types and maps you can choose.


As you can see here, the same choices can be made when joining a battle without a Squad.

For War battles, the requirements for joining will be displayed, such as belonging to the same faction. If one of your Squad Members joined the War for a different faction or has not chosen a faction yet, you will be shown a red X on the War battle tab.


Because players do not have the choice to join specific battles, the matchmaker can now put Squads into battles much quicker than before. The battles will be balanced, since the matchmaker will match up the types of Squads on both sides in regards to the resources available on the battlefield.
No more battles of only Tanks against Infantry!

This system makes it very hard to find ways to tick the matchmaker by click spamming, forcing the matchmaker to put a player on top of the queue.

The matchmaker will furthermore choose the server location of the most players and so the average Ping of the players in the matchmaker, instead of the player having to search for a battle with decent Ping.

The War Map

Through the War Map, players still have the possibility to choose specific battles if they own Assault Teams.
If the Squad Leader or member deploys the required Assault Teams for their Squad type on the War Map, either opening a new battle or during the preparation time of five minutes, the whole Squad can queue for this battle.
This will automatically prioritizes your Squad. The more resources you put in, the higher you will be in the queue. Should you miss to join during this duration, you can join the battle type from the matchmaker and it is still very likely that you will be joining this specific battle.

If you want to join a friendly Squad in a specific battle, both Squad’s members (at least 1 each) send Assault teams to the same location and queue for this battle.
This also changes the way the Generals use their resources, making them more valuable and promoting communication and tactical decision making between the Generals.


You now also have two helpful buttons. The + button is a one click Reinforce All Assault Teams and the |-> Button is a one click Deploy All Assault Teams. This comes in handy once you have a certain number of Assault Teams to manage.



On the Battlefield

  • Access Points

    The Squad Leader can change the Access Point once every 60 seconds. You might want to consider to change the Access Point, because of the availability of resources or due to a more beneficial positioning in an ongoing battle.

  • Scoreboard

    With pressing Tab you can bring up the Scoreboard, which shows the current performance and the available resources on the battlefield, as well as the Squad names and fun facts about every player on the battlefield, such as their nemesis and favourite vehicle.

  • More on the Defend Order

    This example illustrates how the Defend order works and its benefits for successful gameplay.
    Your Squad just successfully attacked A2.
    You can see that another friendly Squad set an Attack order for A3, which is presently in the enemies hands.The Squad leader then decides to set a Defend order on A2.
    You gain experience for this order, if you kill an enemy near this control point(100m), keeping them from advancing.
    When the other Squad successfully attacks A3 and the control point is neutralized, your Defend order is fulfilled, if you are still close to A2 (50m).
    You can now decide to join the attack on A3 and advance on the enemy.

Further Clarifications

  • Can I change my soldier’s loadout?

    It is no longer possible to drop out of the battle and change your loadout. Instead, you have the chance to find out what suits you best and play a whole battle without interruptions.
    This is the intended way to play a battle. Soldiers stick with what they have and learn to love their weapon!

  • Can I change my soldier?

    You can change to another soldier of the same type as the Squad and, should your Squad have an Auxiliary Seat, to a soldier of that type.

  • Changing your soldier as Squad Leader

    If you change to another soldier as a Squad leader, by either using the Auxiliary Seat or switching to another soldier of the same type, will change his status to Squad Leader Cadet. He will then be no longer able to give orders. As a Squad Leader, you have a special position, which is important for the success of your team. These privileges and the experience points connected to them are tied to the soldier, who created the Squad.

  • Random Squads

    When you join a battle on your own, you can be assigned to a random Squad. A random Squad is made up of players, who all joined the game by themselves. A random player will be selected to be Squad Owner. The only thing a Squad Owner is able to do, is dismiss players from the Squad if he is below Rank 6. Above Rank 6, the player will have regular Squad Leader abilities.
    All members of a random Squad with only a Squad Leader Cadet will earn Squad Member Ribbon experience for the “time played” criteria.

  • Leaving and Dismissing

    A player can leave a Squad. You will then be a lone-wolf on the battlefield and not assigned to another Squad, if you are leaving during the action game. This way, you will miss out on all the benefits you would get, while being in a Squad. Should you leave, while not being in battle, you can be invited again or join the battle and automatically be assigned to a Squad.
    Dismissing a player will make your Squad lose the member slot. It will not be filled up again during the battle, thus you will miss out on the benefits the member would have given you.
    Generally, neither leaving a Squad, nor dismissing a player are options that should just be used lightly. With the Squad chat you join automatically with the creation of a Squad, you have ways to communicate with each other and clear any disputes instead of simply leaving or dismissing.

  • Gunner Seat

    The Gunner Seat of any vehicle is now only usable by a member of your Squad. No other friendly player is now able to abuse your gun any more.

  • Resources

    If the resources necessary to keep all the members of your Squad on all Access Points on the battlefield are depleted, you will go into first person spectator mode and follow your Squad Comrades. Once all members fall, the Squad is considered depleted and the battle will be over for you. Since it might still go on for the rest of the team, the battle report will in this case be delivered with delay.

  • Resource Pooling

    The resources for spawning vehicles are now pooled together and you no longer have to switch Assault Teams in order to spawn different types of vehicles.

  • The Squad Name

    The Squad name can be 15 characters long and contain Cyrillic and other non-Roman letters. Of course, the same rules apply as for player, weapon and Soldier’s names, so think before you name and be nice and ask your Squad Members! It will be displayed behind your player name, on the battle report, on the scoreboard and for Squad Leaders on the respective Access Points and on Control Points if another Squad Leader set an order there. The Squad name as well as all other configurations will still be there when the battle is over and are bound to the Soldier who is Squad Leader until he changes them.

  • Binoculars

    While they are not needed to see the Commands given by the Squad leader any longer, they still enable you to zoom in and get closer look at what is going on further away on the battlefield. They actually do what Binoculars are made for!

  • The Squad Interface

    The Squad Interface got a complete makeover and every tab can now be minimized including the matchmaker, battle loading screen and the friend-list interface. This way you can still manage your soldiers in the Hero Screen, while being active in a Squad.

  • Friends and Handshakes

    Making friends is now easier and more convenient, we call it the handshake. You add a player as a friend and he will get your request and answer it. This way, you have each other in your friend-list and do not need to cross-add each other.

Well, this is all for now! Stay tuned for more News about the Devyatayev update!


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