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[icon_teaser style=”reto” type=”ChristmasBulletin” title=”Increased First Battle of the Day Bonus”]
From Dec. 1st. to Dec. 24th. each soldier will receive a five fold amount of Gold for the first battle of the day.

[icon_teaser style=”reto” type=”ChristmasBulletin” title=”Weapons of the Weekend crates”]
For the first three weekends in December crates will appear on all maps. Starting Friday and running through Sunday, these crates will contain different high tier weapons. This will give players an opportunity to try out the guns they have yet to own.

[icon_teaser style=”reto” type=”ChristmasBulletin” title=”Christmas weapons sale”]
We are having sales on weapons throughout December. From Dec. 1st to Dec. 8th. there will be a sale on SMGs. Buy your SMG today and get 25% off! – Check out the blog next week to see which weapons is on sale next week.

[icon_teaser style=”reto” type=”ChristmasBulletin” title=”Limited Christmas SMG skins”]
These skins are only available for purchase from Nov. 30th. to Jan. 5th. – Available for the Thompson M1A1, MP-40 and the PPSh-41.

[icon_teaser style=”reto” type=”ChristmasBulletin” title=”Christmas picture competition”]
Be creative, send us the best Heroes & Generals Christmas picture you can think of – See further details at the bottom of this post.



As Christmas is slowly descending upon our boys on the front lines, we at Heroes and Generals would like to make this holiday season even more jolly with this short Christmas 2015 Tales from the Front Lines story.

[dropcap2]We[/dropcap2] were in some God forsaken forest somewhere in Europe when it began to snow. Most of the company hadn’t received any winter clothing at that point, let alone new pants after the disaster with the cows and the Tiger tank. That was about 3 months ago, now it was almost Christmas, and some of the guys still ran around in civilian coats. But we did remember to wear our own helmets. I remember shouting “Claus, you stupid asshole, take off that friggin’ helmet” seconds before his head exploded like a watermelon bashed with a baseball bat. I didn’t blame Père. It was dark, and Claus didn’t tell anybody that he went to loot the corpse on the other side of the ridge. Come to think about it, it was a pretty nice shot actually. After the Claus incident, I tried to stick close to Père. He was already a crack shot when I met him the first time, but ever since he got that scoped rifle, his aim had only improved. He gave me sense of security here in the foxholes. Damn, I hated those holes, cold, hard, shallow graves – I couldn’t tell if someone took a dump in mine or if it was the rest of someone that was dumped into the one I was sitting in.
“Can anybody actually feel their toes?” From his voice, I could tell it was one of those whiny new guys that walked up behind me. “Shut up!” I snorted at him. “You still have your damn socks”. He grinned as he nodded towards my feet. “Hey, I wasn’t stupid enough to take off my socks after the thing with the cows” he said. “What are the odds, direct enemy mortar hit., Poor Nicholas – but hey, Merry Christmas”. I felt lucky that I at least still wore some sort of excuse for boots. After the thing with the cows, me and some of the guys from 2nd platoon tried to wash our boots and socks. Nicholas didn’t make it into cover when the round hit. We tried to see what we could salvage in the bloody pulp of fabric and the remains of Nicholas – I got some shattered boots and half a sock.

[blockquote align=”left” variation=”orange” cite=”Unknown Soldier”]Hey, I wasn’t stupid enough to take off my socks after the thing with the cows[/blockquote]

“What’s the deal with Christmas?” I asked. “Don’t you know it’s Christmas time?” the new guy said, “or at least it’s December”. “I couldn’t care less”, I said, “Unless you can magically pull out a steak from your ass”. I knew speaking of food was stupid. Ever since the assault on the town and getting cut off from our supply lines, we had to scavenge for food. It didn’t get easier when the snow began to fall. Noel had kept us alive with his stews these past months. The deal was, you come across anything remotely edible, you give it to Noel, you don’t mention the taste, you just appreciate it’s hot.
“Screw the steak”, the new guy continued. “I would much rather have one of those fancy new super weapons”. STG 44, AVS or M1A2, everybody wanted one of those. I was lucky to have one issued, others – like Claus, that stupid idiot – tried to find them on dead soldiers. With those words, the new guy turned on his heels and walked back into the darkness. If I wasn’t so damn cold I would have tried to recall his name, or at least remembered his face. But I couldn’t work up the energy, the new ones had a tendency to get killed real fast. It was them who put on enemy helmets, it was them who thought that cows were a good idea.
[dropcap2]I[/dropcap2] shared my foxhole with this guy Kris. A kooky, huge, bearded fellow, smelled even worse than Noel’s stews. He had this weird talent, he could fart the melody to almost any song. So as we sat there in the darkness, I could hear the words in my head when I closed my eyes, while Kris did what he did best. Silent pfrrt… night, holy pfrrrt… night, all is calm pfrrrtheeh…! The rounds whistled over our heads, as we scrambled for cover, I could hear and smell that Kris had delivered more than a fart. [pullquote2 align=”right”]Come on! – I thought to myself – It’s December, you are not supposed to use full automatic devices to distribute lead to fellow human beings![/pullquote2] Angrily I grabbed one of Kris’ SMGs and sprayed in the direction of the enemy muzzle flashes. He had quite a collection of SMGs, among them was a nice PPSh-41, a Thompson and he somehow managed to get a hold of a MP-40. He was quite a sight, walking around with his many weapons sticking out of his brown bag, father christmas from hell.

[dropcap2]The[/dropcap2] gun barked in my hands, the sounds, the flashes, the smell of cordite was all-consuming that night in December. I didn’t notice the pain when the hot lead cut through my skin, it wasn’t until the last round was fired, and an eerie silence fell upon the line, that I noticed the blood covered barrel and saw my thumb in the snow. I resisted the urge to go find Noel, and instead threw the still warm thumb towards the enemy lines. Merry Christmas assholes, consider this my present to you[…]

Christmas picture competition – Get creative and show us what you can do!

Send us a Heroes and Generals Christmas picture to The best one will receive a prize of 2000 Gold. In order to qualify, you must meet the following 3 criteria:

    1. Must be a still picture/photo or screenshot
    2. Have a Heroes and Generals theme
    3. Cannot contain any copyrighted material

Send your submission to no later than 09:00 AM CET December 21st 2015