ATTENTION! The content of this article is more than three months old and may not be relevant to the current version of the game

In the coming update named Young (after US brigadier-general Gordon Russell Young) we’re adding a much-requested improvement to the game. Improved spawn protection! Everybody knows that being spawn-camped can be a rage-inducing experience and can drive otherwise normally sane people to smashing their keyboards and screaming abuse at innocent bystanders.

The new spawn protection will be introduced on the Skirmish maps in this first iteration and then when we have collected feedback and data it will be extended to other gamemodes as well.

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In this devstream on we demonstrated how it works, so if you missed the episode check it out here:
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When you spawn, you spawn in ‘Ghost mode‘, here is an overview of how this works.
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  • In ghost mode you are invisible and cannot die.
  • Spawn protection lasts until you leave spawn area
  • All player actions are now available when in ghost mode, but actions like firing your weapon will end ghost mode
  • Vehicles in spawn protected areas now spawn in ghost mode
  • Players and vehicles in ghost mode are now half transparent to the players who can interact with them
  • A ghosted player can enter both ghost-mode and normal vehicles
  • A visible player cannot enter an occupied ghost vehicle (to prevent griefing).
  • When the enemy enters a spawn protected area, he is informed and his weapons are unequipped.


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But wait, there’s more!

Deploy queue update

The deploy queue comes into effect if one side has more players in a battle than the other. In that case the overpopulated side will not be able to spawn before someone else on their side dies. This currently allowed for a 2 player overpopulation which is too much in battles with few players. SO!
The deploy queue is now triggered earlier (at 9 players in a 2-faction battle (6 in a 3-faction) and not 12 as before) and allows only 1 player over-population pr side instead of 2.
The Deploy queue is disabled when battle is locked, and the “battle locked” is updated as well.

Joining ending battles?

Talking of spawning, having the match-maker put you in a mission that is right about to end can be a frustrating experience. So in the Young update we’re also tightening the rules for when the match-maker can add players to a battle.

The new rules are:
Squads are locked for new players when they only have access to 50 lives
This means that an AT that is almost out of spawns can not have players added by the match-maker.

Matches are locked when the last loosing faction has under 50 lives left
This also helps with not getting thrown into matches that are ‘ending’