ATTENTION! The content of this article is more than three months old and may not be relevant to the current version of the game

Rejoice US Tankers and Paratroopers. In the coming update named Young (after US brigadier-general Gordon Russell Young) comes the M1A1 carbine with folding stock.

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As the weapon was designed to be a light and compact weapon, it only requires 4 equipment slots. This makes it available to US tankers and it allows for new tactical options for US paratrooper loadouts.

Paratroopers can unlock it on the Parachute Ribbon at Rank 11 as the Second paratrooper carbine.

Or it unlocks for tankers on the Armour Damage Ribbon at Rank 9 as the Second tank weapon.

The handling is quite similar to the existing M1M2 Carbine.

In the factory configuration it has a rate of fire of 400 rpm and a reload time of 3.1 seconds and the magazine holds 30 rounds. Upgrades are available once you unlock them by progressing on the M1A1 Carbine Specialist Ribbon. Due to its small and lightweight nature, this carbine will not feature the option of attaching a scope to it. It is a personal defense weapon and is best suited for close quarters engagements.


She is the fairest of Them All – Besides the standard factory color scheme, there will be 5 different skins available for the M1A1. You can take a look at them below:

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Click here for the full resolution versions of the images above: Factory, Carbon Black, Frog skin, Dark Walnut, Beech, Army Green,

As per usual the skins can be bought with regular Credits or Gold. So make sure to be the talk of the town and make sure to be the first to get your own customized M1A1.


Historical information

The M1 carbine was adopted into service by the US military in 1942, as they wanted a lighter medium to short range rifle to fill the gap between the M1 Garand and the Thompson Submachine gun. It was designed to be a small personal defense weapon – issued to officers, paratroopers, tank crews and other support personnel. As the M1 carbine was not intended for front line combat, it was chambered with a .30 cal round, which was less powerful than the full size .30-06 rifle cartridge of the M1 Garand, but it featured significantly better accuracy and penetration than the .45 round for the Thompson.

To further reduce the weight and size of the M1 carbine, the US ordinance introduced the M1A1 Carbine with a folding stock. The A1 designation indicated that the carbine had a folding stock. About 160.000 ware produced, and were primarily issued to paratrooper units.