ATTENTION! The content of this article is more than three months old and may not be relevant to the current version of the game

As teased in our last DEV STREAM, we are introducing a new Encounter Game Mode and the new Depot Map in the Young update (after US brigadier-general Gordon Russell Young)

After a long time in development and several iterations, we are proud to present to you this new infantry-only map. No tanks to worry about, no pesky airplanes to ruin your day. It is the brutal strength of each player that determines the outcome of the battle.

Designed to be an intuitive and easily understood map, Depot will offer a dynamic and action-packed experience.

The Depot Map

Welcome to the trenches!

The map is a small fast paced infantry-only map. It features a large depot in the middle of the map with a single control point located inside. The depot is by one side surrounded by trenches and a train station on the other, everything is then located within a forest. This layout offers opportunity for vastly different play styles. Do you like to hide behind trees and pick of your enemy as they approach the objective? Do you like to skirmish in the trenches? Or do you prefer to run in, guns blazing, in a hail of gunfire and grenades? The Depot map has it all!.

Because of the small size of the map, we had to develop a new way to prevent spawn camping. Enter the new spawn protection system. Read more about it HERE

The Encounter Game Mode

...or how I learned to stop worrying and to love the game.

We have developed the new Encounter Mode in order for new players to better understand the game mechanics. Rather than multiple objectives and a vast assortment of vehicles and airplanes, the Encounter map focuses on honing the players gun skills on a small map with a single objective. This facilitates the basics: Locate, identify and shoot your targets!

The Encounter Game Mode will be available to all ranks, but it is the only map new players gets to play on until rank 2.

Grab your Hero and prepare to fight it out in the trenches!

If you want to start planning your tactics straight away, here is a map of the map (no pun intended) that you can use!