ATTENTION! The content of this article is more than three months old and may not be relevant to the current version of the game

While we are still hard at work getting the Walker update ready for you all, it is time to lift the curtain and reveal some of the awesome new features this update brings! The update is called ‘Walker’ after the American Major General Fred L. Walker.

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A map that has been around for quite a while is the Factory map, and this time reto.Desji managed to find time in between his other very secret work to give it a makeover, addressing a lot of the major and minor annoyances on the map, as well as adding a solid handful of new tweaks to improve the level.

Keep reading for more details!


We’ll go through the changes here in a quick list and then below you can see the devstream from June 19th where reto.desji and reto.gargamel show all these changes in magnificent moving pictures!

B-line – The Main Gate

The updates on the B-line mostly serve to help the attackers avoid getting pushed back to the Access Point too easily.
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  • Access-point B1 is now a radio post on the mountain. Attackers can take B2 quickly and then continue the attack on the Factory Gate (B3).
  • “B2” now has an AA-position which can be used to suppress the mountains, to avoid enemies shelling it from the mountains & hills
  • “B2” redone and moved a bit back to prevent enemies from shelling it from afar.
  • “B3” is now the main factory gate buildings (formerly B2)
  • Additional cover added between Access Point (B1) and Factory Gate (B3)
  • Additional cover between added between Factory Gate (B3) and Objective 1


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Screenshot above shows Access Point B1 with Factory chimneys visible in the distance.

A-line – The Train Tracks

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  • Access Point completely redone and moved closer to Train Platform (A2), this helps attackers gaining momentum, as this line was previously too difficult to attack
  • Additional cover added to the area around the Access Point
  • Additional cover added between Access point and Train Platform (A2) to make firefights more fun for infantry
  • Added a bunch of props in A2 capture zone to make it more interesting, and enlarged the capture zone
  • Added ladder to the roof of A2 to create more dynamic flow
  • Storage Hall (A3) capture zone extended to include entire storage room


Objectives – Assembly Halls ‘Anton’ & ‘Berta’

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  • Assembly Hall ‘Anton’ (O1) capture zone extended to include entire room
  • Assembly Hall ‘Berta’ (O2) capture zone extended to include entire room
  • O2 vehicle spawn – Fixed flipping emergency tank spawn to stop vehicles flipping over


Devstream #36 – June, 19th, 2015

Starting at 6m 20s Reto.Desji and Reto.Gargamel go through and show the changes to the map, so press play, sit back and enjoy!