ATTENTION! The content of this article is more than three months old and may not be relevant to the current version of the game

UPDATE Tuesday the 7th of October: We’re doing an extra “cheat-review” today of the players with the highest score in each assignment to be sure that the numbers are legit, so we will probably not be able to announce the winners today – we aim to do it tomorrow instead.

UPDATE Monday the 6th of October: The contest is now over, and we’ll announce the winners tomorrow (Tuesday)!

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[dropcap2]T[/dropcap2]his weekend we’re trying something new, while we wait for the coming Spaatz update! We’re running 6 Special Assignments, where the top-3 performers in each assignment will win one of the new Steam Packs, giving loads of Weapons, Vehicles, Characters, Gold and much more.

We will also give players who have registered an account and played at least one battle before Friday the 26th of September a free 3-day Veteran Membership for the weekend to make up for the server-downtime we had due to the DDoS attack two weeks ago.

The event starts at Friday the 3rd of October at 09:00 US EDT / 15:00 CEST and ends at Monday the 6th of October at 09:00 US EDT / 15.00 CEST – click the dates to see when this is in your timezone.


There is an assignment for each character class:

Infantry: Cap the maps!

Capture and assist in capturing as many control points as possible as an Infantryman. We will count caps for all your Infantry soldiers, so you may select whichever fits the tasks at hand.

Tank Crew: Tank Crusher!

Destroy as many enemy tanks as possible with your own tanks as a Tank Crewman. Light tanks, medium tanks, heavy tanks and tank destroyers all counts equally. We will count tank-kills for all your Tank Crewmen and it doesn’t matter which of your tanks you operate.

Fighter Pilot: Dogfight!

Destroy as many enemy fighter planes as possible with your own plane as a Fighter Pilot. We will count fighter-plane kills for all your Fighter Pilots, but transport planes doesn’t count.

Recon: Marksman’s challenge!

Do as many headshots as possible as Recon (and yes – we will check for cheats and cheaters will be banned as usual according to our ban policy). We will count headshots for all your Recon soldiers.

Paratrooper: Secure the objectives!

Capture as many objectives as possible as a Paratrooper. Only O1, O2 and O3 counts, and only on Assault missions. And again – we will count objective caps for all your Paratroopers.

Officer/General: Seek and Destroy!

Destroy as many resources as possible with one of your Assault Teams. All enemy casualties caused by your Assault Teams counts equally no matter which resource type. In this assignment we’re counting “per Assault Team”, meaning that it’s not a matter of having many AT’s, but a matter of having the AT that causes as many enemy casualties as possible. So all Assault Team owners have a chance to win.


For each assignment we will give the following packs to the top-3 performers:

1st place: Ultimate Heroes & Generals Pack (US faction/German faction)
2nd place: All Heroes Pack (US faction/German faction)
3rd place: Tank Crew Starter Pack (US faction/German faction)

The winners will be announced on our blog next week and will be contacted directly using the email they’ve registered their account with.