ATTENTION! The content of this article is more than three months old and may not be relevant to the current version of the game

Steam Veteran Weekend

[dropcap2]T[/dropcap2]o celebrate our first 30 days on Steam and the fantastic response we have received from players we are launching a Veteran Weekend from this Friday the 8th of August to Monday the 11th of August (at 15:00 CEST both days). Click the link to see the dates in your timezone.

[dropcap2]ALL[/dropcap2] players who has registered an account and [highlight2]played at least one battle before the Veteran Weekend starts[/highlight2] will get a FREE 72 hour Veteran Membership starting from Friday the 8th of August at 09:00 US EDT / 15.00 CEST.

The Veteran Membership gives the following benefits:
[colored_box variation = “orange”]
+50% credits earned
+25% warfunds earned
+25% XP gain
+25% Ribbon XP gain
+ 1 extra combat badge slot
…and more

[highlight2]If you already have an active Veteran Membership, we will add 72 hours to your membership.[/highlight2]

And we are of course having a little competition as well!

Veteran Weekend Contest!
– Capture the objectives!

We will keep tally of how many capture points each player caps during the Veteran Weekend and whomever captures the most points (incl. assists) will win prizes!

[fancy_header variation=”orange”]1st PRIZE[/fancy_header]
[fancy_list style=”circle_arrow” variation=”orange”]

  • 90-day veteran membership PLUS 4000 gold!


[fancy_header variation=”orange”]2nd PRIZE[/fancy_header]
[fancy_list style=”circle_arrow” variation=”orange”]

  • 30-day veteran membership PLUS 2000 gold!


[fancy_header variation=”orange”]3rd PRIZE[/fancy_header]
[fancy_list style=”circle_arrow” variation=”orange”]

  • 30-day veteran membership PLUS 1000 gold!


[fancy_header variation=”orange”]4th to 10th PRIZE[/fancy_header]
[fancy_list style=”circle_arrow” variation=”orange”]

  • 14 day veteran membership


All you have to do to take part is to play the game and capture those objectives (all capture points count, not just O1 [fancy_amp] O2.

NB: Technically we have been on Steam for 30 days on Sunday, but having a veteran weekend only on Sunday seemed a bit too short 😉