ATTENTION! The content of this article is more than three months old and may not be relevant to the current version of the game

The new build named Quesada (after the US General Elwood Richard “Pete” Quesada) is live on the servers! So here’s a quick overview of the new features we’ve added for you to enjoy!
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New Features

[icon_teaser style=”red” type=”Check” title=”Paratroopers returning to battle”]
The Paratrooper class is now back! Their planes are now polished and looks awesome, and there is an AI that controls the plane, to let all paratroopers fight. Read more about the paratroopers AND their uniform personalizations here.

[icon_teaser style=”red” type=”Check” title=”Uniform Variations”]
You can now customize your soldiers with new uniforms, as we have introduced uniform variations for some of the classes. In this update the US Recon, US Paratrooper, German Tank Crew, German Recon and German Paratrooper characters can get new uniforms, while the rest of the classes will have to wait a bit for variations to be added in future updates.

[icon_teaser style=”red” type=”Check” title=”New ammo types for vehicles”]
In this update we have started to add more ammo types for the vehicles, plus we have updated the user interface, to make it easier to see which ammo types you have available, how fast it reloades and how you change between them when you’re engaged in battle. It’s not all vehicles that now have more ammo types available, but try to log in and see if there are new explosive toys available for your favourite vehicle. In the coming updates we’ll add more.

[icon_teaser style=”red” type=”Check” title=”Heroes & Generals coming soon to Steam”]
As many, many players have requested and asked for we are now coming to the Steam platform. Take a look at our Steam page here, and stay tuned for more info! You can already grab one of our avatars for your steam profile by clicking here.

[icon_teaser style=”red” type=”Check” title=”More weapon personalization”]
The US Bazooka and the German Panzerschreck now have a new set of personalization options and we have also made a special “Gott mit uns” variation of the Gewehr 43, as well as a “Death or Glory” variation of the M1 Garand. Take a look at the Panzerschreck and Bazooka personalizations here.

There is of course much more happening in the build, so continue reading for more details…

Minor stuff

Here is a list of some additional features in the Quesada build.
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  • Town Map tweaks around the Police Station and other places
  • LMG tweaks
  • Moved Stuart unlock from Level 5 to Level 3
  • Adjustments in search function in Campaign
  • Added warnings when trying to join battle with a vehicle with very little ammunition
  • Bug fixes


Mobile Command

The Mobile Command app moves along on its own release cycle (when at all possible) so the current version is compatible with the Quesada build when it goes live.

For a more detailed changelog take a look at: this forum thread or..

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