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Yesterday we gave you a profile of the German Maschinengewehr 34, so today it’s America’s turn, with Bonnie and Clyde‘s weapon of choice, the M1918.

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[image caption=”This town ain’t big enough for both of us.”][/image]

Portable Automatic Firepower

[dropcap2]T[/dropcap2]he M1918, as the name suggests, was developed in the final years of the First World War. Neither really a machine gun nor a rifle, this automatic rifle, as it became known, was imagined by John Browning to be used in a new tactic known as walking fire. Although it was not without some design flaws (such as a limited continuous-fire capability and a heavy recoil), the M1918 successfully proved its worth in combat in September 1918. It became standard-issue in the US Army in 1938.

Compared to the MG 34, the M1918 has a slightly lower rate of fire, a slightly harder recoil. However it has a higher muzzle velocity, meaning bullets travels faster and hurt more. And although the magazine clip holds only 20 rounds, it reloads twice as fast than the MG 34 with its 50-round drum magazine.

[dropcap2]J[/dropcap2]ust like the German light machine gun, the M1918 automatic rifle cannot be fired while running; however when walking (by holding down the ALT key), you will retain enough control to fire from the hip.

A powerful mid-range weapon despite its flaws, the M1918 announces its presence on the battlefield with a very characteristic sound, to let your enemies know that you mean business.

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