ATTENTION! The content of this article is more than three months old and may not be relevant to the current version of the game

So we’ve talked about mobile supply crates, new weapons, a new career selection menu and new map features. How about a little something for the strategy game now? Generals, good news: you will have a new toy at your disposal! When Oster hits the servers you will be able to unlock 3-star Mechanized Recon Assault Teams. Just how awesome are they? Read on to find out!

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[image caption=”There comes a point when you need more than just guys with scoped rifles and motorcycles.”][/image]

Bring It

[dropcap2]R[/dropcap2]econnaissance units are much more than mere “sniper” squads. Their main purpose is to move ahead of the area controlled by friendly forces and gather information on the enemy. Sometimes they do this by observing, sometimes by engaging the enemy and getting him to return fire and so reveal his position.

If you’re sending out your Recon in an area where heavy opposition is expected, you might want your boys to bring more than just a scoped rifle. Maybe they shouldn’t just be riding motorcycles either. Maybe you would prefer your Recon soldiers to be driving around in… armored cars!
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Maybe Mechanized Recon is what you need, then! Because each Mechanized Recon AT rides into battle with 8 SdKfz 222 (Wehrmacht) or M8 Greyhound (US Army) light armored cars. The SdKfz 222 comes equipped with a vicious 20mm KwK 30 autocannon and a trusty MG 34. The Greyhound packs the same firepower as the M5A1 Stuart light tank: a 37mm M6 L53 cannon, and a M1919A4 machine gun. This gives your Recon unit better fighting odds. But the best thing about the Mechanized Recon, from a strategic point of view, is…

Visibility Range

[dropcap2]W[/dropcap2]hen we introduced the fog of war in the Manstein build, we published a list of AT visibility ranges. Visibility range represents how far a unit can see through the “fog”. A basic Recon Assault Team has, for example, has a value of 2, which means that 2 map squares are made visible in every direction around the unit’s current square, thus encompassing a 5×5 grid. Motorized Recon can reveal a 7×7 grid (range = 3). A Mechanized Recon unit has a vision range of 4, which is the highest value in the game and reveals a 9×9 grid!

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[image caption=”I’ve always wanted to see Normandy.”][/image]

[dropcap2]A[/dropcap2]s you can observe in the example above, a Mechanized Recon AT stationed in Caen can see all troop movements in Normandy, all the way to Rouen in the east and Cherbourg in the west. Aren’t you glad you started leveling up that Guard AT now?

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[image caption=”Yeah, I don’t trust this forest either, man…”][/image]

Stay tuned for more Oster features!