ATTENTION! The content of this article is more than three months old and may not be relevant to the current version of the game

[singlepic id=614 w=600][/singlepic]

Yes, it is about rubble this time! Since rubble of buildings is missing in-game I have got the task to create some nice rubble. It is still in progress. I will make some rubble that is made of parts and not just a simple mesh with a tileable texture with bricks and stones.

The first parts are almost done, so next  up is to do a  3D physic scene and sprinkle with bricks, planks and what else comes to mind. So here is a preview of where I am in the process…

[singlepic id=613 w=600] The big parts of the rubble. The white lines are the edges of the ingame polygon resolution.[/singlepic]

[singlepic id=615 w=600]The big rubble parts in a pile only dirt, stones, bricks and floor planks is missing.[/singlepic]

[singlepic id=616 w=600]The missing parts in the 3D scene setup with physics.[/singlepic]

So this is the state of rubble in Heroes & Generals – I will do a follow up when the final pile is finished.