ATTENTION! The content of this article is more than three months old and may not be relevant to the current version of the game

The summer is upon us (well at least in the northern hemisphere) and things are slowing down a bit at the office due to summer vacations. However we’ve not shut down the office entirely, so bugs are still being fixed and new stuff is being worked on and implemented.

The Crace Build is Up!

A few weeks ago the ‘Crace’ build was released. While this build primarily contained quite a few bug fixes and ‘small’ features it also contained a few major changes:

First of all we’ve implemented the first version af a mission lobby, in order to avoid having for instance 1 vs 12 missions, and besides it gives you a chance to see who’s on your team and who you’re going up against. However, this is not the final design, and you can read more about the design, and join the discussions in this forum thread.

We have also implemented the first version of the character rank system, so you can see your characters progression. This is not the final design either, but just the first step towards a deeper rank system, which will also affect the gameplay.

A more detailed changelog of the Crace build can be found here!

Status on Beta-keys

We haven’t sent Beta-keys for a while as we’ve been struggling with a broken stats-database/-backend system. This made the game quite unstable and made the servers crash with only a few hundred players on the servers. So we decided to ditch the old stats backend-system and create a new stats backend, including replacing the Berkeley Database we used with a PostgreSQL Database and rewriting almost all of the stats code.

We still have the data and are transferring it to the new database, while we do our best to avoid messing with your current Ribbons, Combat Badges and stats.

The new system is up and running in the upcoming Dietl build on our internal test server, so we expect to start sending a larger number of Beta-keys and have a new stress test as soon as Dietl is up on the live server and has proved stable.

Chrome version 21 = new H&G installer on it’s way

As of the upcoming Chrome Version 21 (and the current beta version 21 of Chrome) we are not allowed to install plugins/extensions directly from our own website. From Chrome Version 21 all extensions must be installed through the Chrome Web Store.

This means that we either need to submit the plugin to Chrome Web Store or have to create an installer for Heroes & Generals, which installs the game and also installs a plugin to your browsers. We have chosen the latter, as quite a few community members has requested this, and we also believe that an installer will solve some of the issues encountered by some playes when installing H&G.

You still need to access the game through the browser, but you will install it by downloading and running an executable installer.

The installer is not yet ready, so if you happen to log in with a beta version 21 of Chrome, and aren’t allowed to install the plugin, please use another browser until we have released the installer. And just a small heads up: when we release the new installer you need to reinstall the game even though you have it installed now.

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