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[singlepic id=568 w=250 float=left] First of all, welcome to all the new members of the community! Many of you have probably arrived here due to our latest trailer ‘Heroes & Generals – Come Out to Play‘.

And this weeks biggest event for us has no doubt been the release of the trailer. We started working on the trailer in the autumn last year and we’ve been very excited to see how it would be received by gamers and gaming media around the world. Luckily it has been quite well received and the majority of the comments on our YouTube channel (and anywhere else it has been uploaded) are very positive.

We hope that you will help us spread the trailer – share it on facebook, twitter, Google+ etc. to your friends and family and post it on any gamer forum you may encounter, so we can get our community to grow even more!

We’re planning a new stress test of the servers, so we can test how the servers behave in the new Bradley build, and if all goes well we’ll do it next week (but NO promises! 🙂 ). This means that we’ll send out a new batch of Beta-keys quite soon, and for the last stress test we sent 7000 new Beta-keys! We usually run the servers 24/7, but when we do stress tests we close down the access to the servers 8 hours (or so) before, so you can’t log in before the stress test starts.

And just so you understand our selection process of how we choose who to send beta-keys to: we generally send keys on a first come, first serve basis, but we also send some using random selection. We feel that this is the most fair way to do it, where we reward those who have been on the list for a long time, but also give newcomers a chance to play Heroes & Generals and help us shape it into the game you want to play!

… but let’s proceed with Propaganda, Developer Blogs and Team Debriefing from this week:

Propaganda this Week

Come Out to Play Trailer

[youtube url=”″ width=”590″ height=”360″ fs=”1″ hd=”1″ rel=”0″ showsearch=”0″] Heroes & Generals – Come Out to Play Trailer. Show it to your friends, share it on facebook and help us to make this video go viral!

Beta Videolog 2: Bradley

[youtube url=”” width=”590″ height=”360″ fs=”1″ hd=”1″ rel=”0″ showsearch=”0″] Heroes & Generals – Beta Videolog 2: Bradley showing weapon tweaks, new ‘Town’ Map layout and a walkthrough of Weapon Modifications.


Gaming Portugal
True PC Gaming
Armchair General

Developer Blogs this Week

Meet the Team – Summer 2012

“It’s summer and it’s time for another group photo of the development team! One year ago we were 20 people on the photo we took outside our office and this year we are 26 hard working developers and administrative personnel.” Read More

Press Release: Heroes & Generals – Come Out to Play Trailer

“We are proud to present our new Heroes & Generals “Come Out to Play” trailer featuring developers and community members on the fromtline and in the war room! Show it to your friends, share it on facebook and help us to make this video go viral!” Read More

2000 new Beta-keys just sent!

“The war needs reinforcements, so we’ve just sent 2000 new Beta-keys by email.” Read More

A new Videolog about Bradley is out!

“Heroes & Generals – Beta Videolog 2: Bradley showing weapon tweaks, new ‘Town’ Map layout and a walkthrough of Weapon Modifications.” Read More

Team Debriefing


Game Director
“- planning
– meetings
– planning on future ‘ease of access’ feature pack
– assault team progression design
– updated assault team screen design
– leaderboard design
– looking into Perforce Streams and an upgrade of our XSI plugins to handle streams (WIP)”
Level Designer
“Have been looking into the future, and picked up ideas posted on the Forum – new levels, new game modes, new mechanics etc. Also tried to kill my Bug list – not quite done yet. :)”
Community Manager & Game Designer
“AA cannon in trailer. Weapons, mod, forum.”


3D Artist
“This week I have been making new images for weapon modifiers. Hopefully the customization screens will be a prettier place soon. :)”
Lead Character Artist
“Had a few meetings then got sick… :o(“
Character Designer
“Still working on props: Power pole, brick rumble etc.”
Lead Animator
“This week I have done first mockups for german soldiers sprinting with weapons in one hand for speed – Also I helped push out the “Come out to play” trailer.”
Concept Artist
“Been down with the ‘flu or something similar and UV mapped a bridge. ;)”

Coders & QA

Programmer and Technical Lead
“Quite boring stuff this week:
– Jobinterviews (only fun task this week)
– Production planning of future updates
– Rebuilding an internal server (ed.: The one generating beta-keys. :-O /Reto.KenSolo)
– Aaaan the usual round of test and bugfixes”
Render Programmer
“- Lobby backend
– Subsurface scattering on skin in first person test”
Gameplay Programmer
“- Bug fixes
– The latest bradley gameplay tweaks
– A warning system that tells the player that the action game is ending soon, so lives left, time left, etc.
– Action game HUD update”
Gameplay Programmer
“- Worked some more on destruction
– It seems that we have fixed most of the connection issued
– Worked on the network code, so we now support asymmetrical MTU
– Optimizing network packages, so we can have more players in each mission o/”
Senior Programmer
“Sticking tape and glue on the stat server.”
Lead Tester
“- Test new build.
– Hunt typo’s.
– LOD tests.
– Handle feedback.
– Play the game.
– mmmm cake….
– Debug crashlogs.”
IT Architect
“- Remove ATs who have lost all resources in a battle
– Resetting an AT does not remove its pre-existing supplies – who linger on in the map, even after the AT is back to full resources
– Work on-going to fix the retreating behavior of ATs from battle”
Flash Programmer
“- Warbond tweaks (Bradley)
– Added option for changing fontsize for chat (Crace)
– Options for chat (autoscroll and fontsize) moved to Options area (Crace)
– Items you own do not jump around anymore when you click them (Crace)
– Restructuring of parts of Client project (Crace)
– Restored logout functionality with few errors. (Crace)
– Interviews for new Strategy developer
– Fixed bug with not being able to buy Stielhandgrenaten and Tellermines for German Paratroopers, tankcrew and Fighterpilots (Crace)
– Fixed crash in Flash client related to warbonds (Crace)
– Action channels are now joined when entering a lobby (Crace)
– Loginwindow now shows information when processing login (Crace)
– Weapon information is no longer clipped in Weapon shop window (Crace)
– You can now logout and login again without refreshing browser (Crace)
– Been helping players on forums and on game.heroesandgenerals
– Bathed in the warm glow of being in the “Come out to play” trailer (Not very warm to be honest!) (ed.: Come on Vashu! Enjoy it – you’re famous now! 😀 /Reto.KenSolo)”
Server Programmer
“Still working on replacing our storage mechanism. Also trying to help fix the statdb crashes we’ve been experiencing on live.”


Lead Sound Designer
The week began with me finalizing the audio for our ‘Come Out to Play’ trailer that was released in the middle of the week. Then I moved on to work on the new capture sounds, some of the time together with Lord. Some time during the week I spent time creating sounds for animations.
Audio Programmer
“- Made the audio module thread safe
– Worked more on the mission lobby”

Management, IT & support

“Strategic work with HQ”
IT Admin
“1. Install of new comms server.
2. Check server web load/game server hacking.
3. Setup nagios on guderian. Missing memory load info.
4. Planning of server reboot. Will be when the new build is done.
5. Planning of more web server load.”
PR Manager
“Well, for me this has been one of the most interesting weeks this year. I’ve been busy (and still are) with pushing our new video out to the gaming media and I have made many new relations with a lot of cool games journalists around the world! And a big THANK YOU to all who published our video and helps us spread the word about our great game!!!”
Project Coordinator
“Well, well… coordinating, coordinating… how are things going with the next build – Crace?
And I’m so exited about how people are responding to the new trailer. And it seems good! 🙂 Thank you!”
Support Manager
“- Suport bacon suport
– Writing a blog post
– Preparing to go on vacation and handing over support work while I am away (weeeeeeee……) “



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