ATTENTION! The content of this article is more than three months old and may not be relevant to the current version of the game

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Today we’ve launched our Debut Teaser as an exclusive video on We’re quite proud of the video and hope that it will be well received!

A new stable release is up with a lot of bugfixes, a new light-setting and more… Oh, almost forgot – bombs and mines! 😀

As a small test, your get a couple of “free” anti-personel/anti-vehicle mines and sticky/magnet bombs each time you spawn. We will continue to give you a few new “free” weapons to test from time to time.

This week’s test-focus is the spawn, capture and map elements of the game. Is the spawn mechanic logical, can you find the capture points and does the in-game map and icons make sense to you? Remember to give us feedback in the forum, and feel free to also comment on the new weapons.

Now let’s proceed to the Team Debriefing…

Team Debriefing


Game Director
“- unified terrain shader for the T02-maps
– updated terrain vegetation on T02M01_Mountain
– ICE compounds on T02M01_Mountain
– updated chat and missionlist ‘wireframes’ for Reto.Chrestangen (‘blueprints’ for the visual design of the Campaign part of H&G)
– landingpage graphics and layout
– graphics for our upcoming mobile app
– tweaked light-settings and post-filters”
Level Designer
“Are making 2 new terrain maps – 1 huge 8×8 km for the supply mission and 1 for a skirmish mission. Also re-designed the capture point setup on the map called Medium French Village.”
Community Manager & Game Designer
“I’ve been building a new landing page at with ao. Reto.RedBjarne as well as optimizing some things on our webserver backend. I am also tweaking weapons to mitigate the great “Machine Gun Ownage of 2011″ problem. :-)”


3D Artist
“Worked on in-game weapon renders all week. :)”
Lead Character Artist
“I’m making the paratrooper uniform parts and implementing various combat gear.”
Character Artist
“Playing with memory and polycount on the characters. Made The helmet for both US Infantry and Paratrooper. And alot of play sessions. US Infantry Uniform next…..”
Lead Animator
“This week I have spent most of my time cutting our new Debut Teaser video and the LandingPage video.”
Concept Artist
“I’ve been doing some modeling and texturing of some new city buildings.”


Programmer and Technical Lead
Did some work to get our game server running on Linux and fixed some issues here and there.”
Flash Programmer
“The mission of this week was to get the units moving on the campaign screeen. And show a destination marker for where your units are going, which me and Reto.Placebo got working. Did a lot of bug fixing as well.”
Code Connoisseur
“- Trying to re-establish functionality for getting armyresources from the strategy game into the action game
– Work on changing transports in strategygame to show commands instead of men and tanks. Works much more intuitively now.”
Render Programmer
“- Build & Deploy Linux version of the server
– Build for Stable
– Dynamic weather preset
– Minor optimizations”
Gameplay Programmer
“This week has mainly gone with gameplay/usability fixes, besides which i have also been working a little more on sticky and magnetic mines.”
Senior Programmer
Senior Programmer
“Yet another week of server framework coding, yet another one to come. Awesome.”
Gameplay Programmer
“This week has been mostly bug fixing and getting the new build ready. The ‘bob’ code is a bit more smooth but still needs a lot of tweaking. All the guns now have adjustable sights. The adjusted sight only applies to precision mode for now.”


Lead Sound Designer
“I have used this week to complete and finalize the audio for our Debut Teaser. A few minor adjustments to in-games sounds have also been done.”
Audio Programmer
“Material mapping setup for impact sounds – nothing else to report.”


PR & Marketing Coordinator
“This week has been all about the Debut Teaser, press release, media lists, prepping selected game media editors, making screenshots and trimming the content on the communitysite. We have an exciting week ahead where the world hopefully will get their eyes up for Heroes & Generals!”



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