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Each week we’ll feature one of the developers from the team and tell you a bit about who they are and what they are working on.


First of all, what is your gamertag in H&G ?
– “Reto.Colding”

What is your position at Reto-Moto ?
– My title is Lead Animator. I am heavily involved in designing and developing both Rig and Animation for H&G – both Pipeline and actual production.

For how long have you been working here ?
– I started working at Reto-Moto on the 1st of May 2011.

What games have you worked on ?
– I have been in the animation business since 1995. For the first 8 years doing Animated Feature Films / Shorts / Commercials. Since 2003 I have worked in the Computer Games Industry. Released games include : “Total Overdose”, “ChiliConCarnage”. Canned or unreleased games include “Bonnie & Clyde”, “Faith & a 45”, “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid” …amongst others.

Which tools do you use for making Heroes & Generals ?
– I use SoftImage for Rigging, Skinning, Animating and scripting tools. Also I do a bit of Photoshopping and will probably use some video editing tool (undecided).

What are your hobbies ?
– I used to play a lot of games but since I got kids it got a looow priority… I will however take revenge when they get a bit older. Also I am very much into cars and racing. I don’t have a Lamborghini (yet) but until then I spend some time mildly tuning and styling my FiatBravo’08. Also I used to spend a lot of time and money racing 1:10 scale RC cars… then I met my wife …”smirk”. Finally I like to play Darts, indoor football and do some running now and then.

What’s the best thing about Heroes & Generals ?
– Its damn fun to play! I really look forward to the mix of action gaming and strategic gaming… if we pull that off – its gonna fly!

What’s the best thing about working at Reto-Moto ?
– My colleagues! Yes – its cool to work in the middle of Copenhagen, Yes – its a great game that will come out of our efforts and Yes – its great to work on computer games… but when it all comes down to what makes me want to go to work… its spending half of my life (awake) being around good colleagues that are kind, helpful and professional… WIN!

What are you working on right now ?
– As “we speak” I am working together with our hero coders building up to implementing the new character RIG. Really looking forward to getting the pipeline up and running and producing animations.

What are your favorite games of all time ?
– Ouch … thats a tough one… (C64) : “Zorro”, “DefenderOfTheCrown”, “TheEidolon”, “WhoDaresWin”, “TheLastNinja”, “InternationalKarate”… (Amiga) : “ShadowOfTheBeast”, “Speedball”, “Populus” (Consoles) : “ToombRaider”, “Zelda”, “GranTurismo”, “Forza”, “GuitarHero” (PC) : “Unreal/StrikeForce”, “BattleField”, “GTR” …amongst others.

What are your favorite movies ?
– (Animation) : “Akira”, “SpiritedAway”, “Totoro”, “Laputa”, “ToyStory”, “Up”, “Valhalla” (LiveAction) : “THX1138”, “StarWars IV,V,VI”, “TheRoyalTennenBaums”, “DerUntergang”, “ApocalypseNow”, “TheSevenSamurai”, “Ran”, “Alien” …amongst others.


…Thomas Kaae Colding ( Reto.Colding )


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